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“Not only is Smith writing about a lawyer, he’s made him…wait for it…the good guy. I told you he had imagination.” —Mark Waid (Daredevil, Luther, The Flash, Kingdom Come)

AUG. 16, 2022 (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Now live on Kickstarter, the print edition of Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth, “Origins” #1-5, the science fiction epic from Fighting Lion Comics! Written and lettered by Phil Smith (Witchblade: Due Process, Artifacts, Trintiy: Blood on the Sands) with art by Giuseppe Cafaro (Fathom: Kiani, Catwoman, Suicide Squad) and issue #0 by Sid Kotian (Gambit), colors by Bill Farmer (Think Tank, Dream Police, The Adventures of Apocalypse Al), this is the tale of Brik Jones—a selfish attorney saving the Earth from alien invasion—one case at a time!

When an interstellar wrecking crew claims the Earth as its property, they are temporarily halted by an interstellar court order until Earth’s representative can be found. Coming off a heartbreaking courtroom loss, Brik is unceremoniously shot into space to a waiting starship, where he discovers his missing father has been Earth’s attorney for the last 20 years but has gone missing. In his father’s absence, Brik must assume the title. As Brik navigates the byzantine galactic legal structure, the clock is ticking as an immense Destroyer waits above the Earth, eager to tear it to pieces. Brik must solve the mystery of what happened to his father and how he will manage the pressure the nations of Earth place on him with their competing interests and his own views. All while on the run from the mysterious alien race whose plan to destroy the Earth rests on it having no legal defender, making Brik a target and our only hope

“Since 2009, Kickstarter has had an incredibly positive effect on the comics community and for projects like Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth, by servicing parts of the industry underrepresented or regarded as too fringe for the mainstream.” said series creator Phil Smith. “Its method and effectiveness of bringing unique projects to life allows creators to reach fans eager for great content, giving the audience the power to choose what is a success by putting the power right in their hands—it can turn what may have been a modest side-project into creators making a living doing what they love! I hope that with the help of Kickstarter, I can bring my dream of having the world of Brik Jones come to life in the minds of the fans, just as it is in mine.”


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Blending adventure elements best seen in series like Firefly and Law and Order, as well as exotic science fiction expressed in X-Files and Star Trek, Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth, “Origins” #1-5 Kickstarter calls it quits Sept. 16th

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