Our friends at Coffin Comics are about to put another nail in the coffin of Lady Death with a new character Johnny Devilin who will shake up her world and an exciting story that will bring her back to roots. Brian Pulido was nice enough to stop by First Comics News to let our readers know all about this next chapter in the life or is that death of Lady Death.

First Comics News: Who is Johnny Devlin?

Brian Pulido: In the story, Johnny is twenty years old and on the run. He was raised in an apocalyptic cult and kidnapped by a covert organization that unlocked a horrific evil trapped inside him.

1st: In the very beginning, Lady Death was a supporting character for Ernest Fairchild. She promised to love him forever in exchange for his vow to kill everyone on Earth. Has Johnny Devilin taken Fairchild’s place in the grand scheme of things?

Brian: He hasn’t. His role is different. You will have to read the story to understand where Johnny is coming from.

1st: What are Johnny Devlin’s powers?

Brian: Johnny is a gateway to a world populated by thousands of ‘devils”. The devils are trying to escape Johnny’s body. The devils react to Johnny’s state of mind.

1st: How did he get them?

Brian: Johnny Devil’s origin will be revealed in his upcoming story. We touch upon moments of his story in “Malevolent Decimation.”

1st: How has Lady Death’s original evil intent been reawakened?

Brian: That would be telling

1st: How does Maria Diaz fit into the redamnation of Hope?

Brian: Lady Death is the villain in the story. She is evil, plain and simple. We needed a “good guy” to balance the story out.

1st: For new readers who may not know, who is La Muerta?

Brian: Returning home from the military, Maria Diaz was a beautiful young woman with a bright future. She wanted to be a social worker, to give back to the community she loved.

That dream died in a bloody instant.

Days before Dia de los Muertos, Maria’s brother betrayed the Zavalas. The cartel sought retribution and slaughtered the entire Diaz family, committing unthinkable acts of brutality in the process.

Maria, beaten and shot, crawled from the burning ruins of her family home only to succumb to her wounds.

But something brought Maria back. She was too pissed off to stay dead.

Now, under the harsh tutelage of her mentor Faustino, she hunts the Zavala Cartel without mercy. She claims the name Muerta and paints her face in the Mexican Calavera style—a hauntingly beautiful skull.

Her weapons: fear, stealth, and cunning. Her goal: to avenge her family and send the Zavala’s to hell, even at the cost of her own humanity.

1st: Isn’t La Muerta, Lady Death in Spanish?

Brian: It is pretty close! I think the literal translation is “The dead Woman”.

1st: Who is Madame Midnight?

Brian: Madame Midnight is a powerful criminal Hoodoo queen from New Orleans. She is a “seer.” Lady Death needs her skills to locate a dreaded power.

1st: How does Madame Midnight feel about the shift in Lady Death’s personality?

Brian: Initially, she is terrified, but after a Faustian bargain, the two get along just fine. In fact, Madame Midnight is enamored of “Evil” Lady Death.

1st: This story sounds like Lady Death returning to her roots, is this a paradigm shift for the character to be dealt with for years to come?

Brian: I think this change is likely to have an impact for years to come.

1st: Although this is Lady Death: Malevolent Decimation #1, it is also Chapter 11. Do new readers need to have read any of the previous 10 chapters to know what is going on?

Brian: Technically you do not, but it enriches the story knowing the mythology it is built upon.

1st: When does the Kickstarter begin?

Brian: Feb 19th at 7PM MST / 9PM EDT

1st: What is the minimum pledge for a digital copy?

Brian: $6.00 for 48 pages of story and art.

1st: What is the minimum pledge for a print copy?

Brian: $26.00 USD for 48 pages of story & art, all unlocked stretch goals, free digital copy, free US shipping and Free Brian Pulido signature with Certificate of Authenticity (optional).

1st: When is the comic expected to ship?

Brian: May 2020.

1st: For any fans still on the fence about Lady Death: Malevolent Decimation #1, what makes Lady Death so cool no true comic book fan should miss it? 

Brian: If you like hard-rockin’ supernatural inspired comics, Lady Death: Malevolent Decimation #1 is like a Black Sabbath song come to life!

1st: Anything else you’d like to add?

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