Bradley Golden talks about Second Sight Publishing’s Exclusive Cover Program

Second Sight Publishing just announced an exclusive cover program. Creators include Alan Quah, Federico Dallocchio, Xing Xin, JC Fabul, and Chris Callahan. Comics include. Lady Freedom #2, Ximphonic Versus #1, Book of Lyaxia #2, Blowtorch #1. I have lots of questions and fortunately Bradley Golden was willing to answer them.

First Comics News: First off who is working each title?

Bradley Golden: Book of Lyaxia is by Aron Pohora, Team Diavosik, Fransico Zamora, Alin Silverwood exclusive cover by mark Pennington. BLOWTORCH by Alfred Paige, Osvaldo Pestana Montpieler, and an exclusive cover is by MONTOS. Ximphonic Versus is by Xing Xin, with an exclusive cover by Xing Xin. LADY FREEDOM #2 is by Spike Jarell and Arthur Bellfield, with an exclusive cover by Chris Callahan.

1st: Why not distribute them through Diamond?

Bradley: We currently have diamond exclusives coming as second prints of issue 1 of Cult of Dracula #1, Book of Lyaxia#1, and LADY FREEDOM #1. So I felt that offering special incentive covers only at our website would help drive marketability to these titles as well as the company. Each book is limited to a 200 – 300 print run only.

1st: Can retailers order them at a discount?

Bradley: Yes retailers along with collectors can order these from the website. Right now if you get a bundle there is no shipping. We also have some that are 20-40% off.

1st: Is this a one time deal, or will this be an ongoing program for all Second Sight Comics?

Bradley: As of right now it’s more of a trial by fire deal. If the reception is great for this idea, we definitely will be doing this regularly.

1st: These are different then the virgin variance announced today?

Bradley: Yes they are very unique as some are black and white. Some are color, but the covers are uninterrupted with UPC and logo all on the back of the book. That goes for all the variants my company produces.

1st: Are they full-color covers?

Bradley: Some are full color and some are black and white.

1st: They are listed as extremely limited, how many of each title are produced?

Bradley: Each title is limited to 200 copies max.

1st: Will they be numbered?

Bradley: They will not be numbered.

1st: Will they be signed?

Bradley: It’s possible to get some signed if the opted to do that.

1st: What is the retail price?

Bradley: The prices vary on the website per title but the going rate for a bundle, that’s virgin variant and trade dress is $20.

1st: How much is shipping?

Bradley: Right now if you do a bundle is totally free shipping. But if you do single issues it ranges around $8-$12.

1st: When will they ship?

Bradley: These will ship the end of September for an October release.

1st: What is the link to order them?


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