Bradley Golden talks about MISSISSIPPI ZOMBIE

Bradley Golden has a new Zombie comic on Kickstarter. It’s a Southern Zombie comic. For anyone who wanted to know what makes a Mississippi Zombie different for other Zombies, Bradley was nice enough to stop by First Comic News and let our readers know.

First Comics News: What makes Mississippi Zombie different from the other Zombie Comics?

Bradley Golden: The difference is this particular comic is we have rural areas. Small towns of possible 200-300 people. Cornfields and country lifestyle. This to me makes the stories a bit more centered, a bit more personalized to the point we, the reader can really relate to it.

1st: What does the Southern location add to the story?

Bradley: The southern location adds a bit more dread and fear to the story. Imagine running through a dark cornfield during the night, full of fog. You can’t see anything in front of you and all you hear is the moan and groans of the undead. That, to me is terrifying. Imagine, riding horseback through a swarm of zombies.

1st: What causes the Zombie Outbreak in Mississippi?

Bradley: The outbreak was actually caused by a little girl in Wisconsin. She was under the care of an orphanage and started biting other children there. Soon the disease spread at an unprecedented rate. The hordes begin going across country infecting the US until finally, the horde walk across the Mississippi River. Coming into Mississippi!!

1st: Are the stories interconnected?

Bradley: The stories are to be interconnected.

1st: How many stories are in the anthology?

Bradley: Four stories!.

1st: How many pages?

Bradley: 7-12 pages for each story. And 56 pages each book.

1st: Who are the creators involved?

Bradley: We have talents like John Crowther, myself, Peter Breau, Marcus Roberts, Harrison Wood, Daniel Gorman, Memo Regalado, Hector Negrete, Oscar Pinto, Shaun Barbour, Phill Williams Jr., Alex Barranco, and many more.

1st: What is the minimum price for a PDF?

Bradley: $5

1st: What is the minimum price for a printed copy?

Bradley: $10 and that’s with a signature as well.

1st: When is the comics expected to ship?

Bradley: It’s based upon the Kickstarter. If fully funded I’m looking at March of 2019.  April the latest.

1st: What is the connection with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital?

Bradley: OH yes, we will be donating 10% of our funding to St. Judes Research Hospital. They have ties to my family as in my niece has been in their care for a while now and is making a great recovery from her illness.

1st: Good luck and readers can find the Kickstarter here

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