Boston Metaphysical Society Releases First Audio Drama on Captivate, Apple Podcasts, and Other Major Platforms

BURBANK, CA.  Madeleine Holly-Rosing, writer/creator of the steampunk supernatural graphic novel and prose series, Boston Metaphysical Society announced the release of their first audio drama, The Ghost Ship on major podcasting outlets.  Set in the time period of the original six issue mini-series, it is a standalone eight (8) episode series. The first season features a full cast, special effects, and original music. “It’s been a joy and a challenge to expand the Boston Metaphysical universe into this new medium,” Ms. Holly-Rosing commented. “I can’t wait for fans, new and old, to hear their favorite characters in this new format.”

Ms. Holly-Rosing has brought in audio drama veterans, Chip Michael, (audio engineer, director, composer and co-creator of Sage and Savant) as the composer and audio director/engineer, and Eddie Louise, (writer/producer of Sage and Savant), as script editor. “The generosity and professionalism of Eddie and Chip have brought the production to levels I never imagined. I can’t thank them enough.” In this new story, the main characters of Samuel, Caitlin, and Granville investigate a mysterious ghost ship that has sailed into Boston Harbor, killing anyone who boards her and luring children to their death.

With a background in TV, feature film, novel, and comic book writing, Ms. Holly-Rosing brings a great deal of depth to the world of audio drama. The graphic novel series began online six years ago and went to print with a special 24-page edition a year later. The original graphic novel series received an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Geekie Awards and was nominated for Best Comic/Graphic Novel in 2014. It was also nominated for best webcomic by the Steampunk Chronicles Readers’ Choice Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  Originally self-published, the series along with the sequels, The Scourge of the Mechanical Men, The Spirit of Rebellion, Ghosts and Demons, and The Book of Demons were picked up by Source Point Press in 2019.

Chip Michael is a prolific composer whose works have been played by musicians and orchestras in Europe and the Americas. He has composed music for concert halls, opera, theater, film, and podcasts. His passion for sounds of all sorts led him to sound design and audio engineering. As co-creator of The Tales of Sage and Savant, he was the audio engineer, sound designer, and composer for all four seasons, as well as the voice for Professor Savant. “The world Madeline has created is rich with details, great characters, and spooky science. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to bring the world of Boston Metaphysical Society to life.”

Eddie Louise is a novelist and audio-drama/podcast creator who builds speculative fiction worlds on the page and for the ears. Writer of the hit audio-drama, THE TALES OF SAGE & SAVANT, the novels of the TRANSMIGRATIONS Series, and the forthcoming Historical, THE LAST WITCH. “As a fan of Boston Metaphysical Society, I have felt for years that it was perfectly suited to audio entertainment. I am glad that my fan-girl dream is finally coming true!”

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