Buffy the Vampire Slayer 25th Anniversary Special #1
Retail Price: $9.99
Writer: Jeremy Lambert, Sarah Gailey, Lilah Sturges, Danny Lore, Casey Gilly
Artist: Claudia Balboni, Marianna Ignazzi, Claire Roe, Bayleigh Underwood, Carlos Olivares
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Frany
Variant Cover: Jenny Frison
Variant Cover: Jorge Corona
Variant Cover: Mirka Andolfo
Buffy Photo Variant: Disney Archives
Scooby Gang Photo Variant: Disney Archives
Blank Sketch Variant: N/A
Incentive Cover: Frany
Incentive Cover: Jenny Frison
Unlockable Cover: Jenny Frison
● 25 years later, dive into a whole new universe of stories celebrating the phenomenal icon of a generation,
Buffy Summers!
● Where in the Multiverse is Buffy? And what’s happened to the Scooby Gang? Find out in the surprising
epilogue to BOOM! Studios’ acclaimed first three years of Buf y the Vampire Slayer!
● Discover the start of an all new series about the Slayer from Hugo Award-winning author Sarah Gailey (Eat
the Rich, Magic for Liars)!
● Plus, three brand new original stories about your fan favorites from the Buffyverse in this 64 page perfect
bound deluxe special celebrating the pivotal anniversary of the Slayer!

Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer #4
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Casey Gilly
Artist: Joe Jaro
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Ario Anindito
Variant Cover: Claire Roe
Incentive Cover: Ario Anindito
Incentive Cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Incentive Cover: Jakub Rebelka
Unlockable Cover: Claire Roe
● The Slayer and her allies make one last desperate attempt to bring sunlight back to Earth and send the
reigning Evil forces back into the shadows . . .
● But the loss of Buffy’s powers is proving too much to bear, and even with the help of Spike, the witches,
and newly discovered Potential Slayer Thess, she might not make it.
● Will Buffy be able to hold on long enough to save the world and see her Slayer legacy continue in Thess?
Find out in the conclusion to the epic post-apocalyptic series!

Angel #3
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Christopher Cantwell
Artist: Daniel Bayliss
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Nimit Malavia
Incentive Cover: Nimit Malavia
Incentive Cover: Ethan Young
Incentive Cover: Ethan Young
● The team can’t figure out what to make of Angel’s height, or the soul that dwells in the Spirit House.
● Even worse, an inky black snowfall starts to coat all of Southern California, along with a forecast of more
deadly inclement weather, making the tormented parts of the human populace even more vulnerable.
● And worse still, a gruesome new enemy has other plans for the loose spirit… ones with terrible
ramifications for humanity…

Firefly: River Run HC
Retail Price: $16.99
Writer: David M. Booher & Jeff Jensen
Artist: Andrés Genolet, Vincenzo Federici, Jordi Pérez, & Fabiana Mascolo
● Simon Tam will do anything to save his little sister from the Alliance… and it might cost him everything—
his wealth, career, parents, his perfect life on the Central Planets.
● Plus, it’s time for a Christmas Carol, Firefly style! Jayne’s selfish behavior receives the unwanted attention
of three visiting spirits who reveal his hidden past, present, and future.
● Acclaimed writers David M. Booher (Canto) and Jeff Jensen (Green River Killer: A True Detective), and
artists Andrés Genolet (Runaways), Vincenzo Federici (Red Sonja), Jordi Pérez (Xena: Warrior Princess),
and Fabiana Mascolo (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance) deliver two stories no Browncoat can afford to
● Collects Firefly: River Run #1 and Firefly: Holiday Special #1.

All-New Firefly #2
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: David M. Booher
Artist: Jordi Pérez
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Mona Finden
Wanted Poster Cover: Ethan Young
Incentive Cover: Mona Finden
Incentive Cover: Dani
Incentive Cover: Adam Gorham
Unlockable Cover: Dani
● Tensions rise within the Serenity crew as they debate what to do with the mysterious relics hidden within
● But before they can refuel, a new villain arrives to threaten the crew and their enigmatic hosts.
● And despite Zoe’s distrust of River and reluctance to leave Emma behind, Kaylee reminds them they have a
job to do…

Something is Killing the Children #21
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Werther Dell’Edera
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Werther Dell’Edera
Die-Cut Mask Variant: Jenny Frison
Die-Cut Bloody Mask Variant: Jenny Frison
Incentive Cover: Dan Mora
Incentive Cover: Jenny Frison
Incentive Cover: Gabrielle Dell’Otto
Unlockable Cover: Jenny Frison
B!G Variant Cover: Vincenzo Riccardi
● After a year since we last saw her in Archer’s Peak, Erica Slaughter resurfaces to take on the case of a girl
who’s seen a new kind of monster, one with terrifying implications.
● But Erica’s broken ties with the House of Slaughter and that can have deadly consequences.
● The Order of St. George does not forget nor do they forgive. Even as Erica goes on the hunt, she must keep
an eye out for the mysterious figure on her trail in order to survive the coming storm.

Something is Killing the Children Slaughter Pack #3
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Werther Dell’Edera
Cover Artist: David Mack
● Don’t miss out on the final “Slaughter Pack” collecting the “Archer’s Peak” storyline!
● Contains Something is Killing the Children #11-15 by Eisner Award-winning writer James Tynion IV (The
Department of Truth, The Nice House On The Lake) and artist Werther Dell’Edera that first introduced
Erica Slaughter and the Order of St. George to the world.
● Each issue features a brand new, exclusive painted cover by Eisner Award-nominated artist David Mack
(Daredevil, Kabuki) on premium card stock.

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Shapeshifters #1
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Andre R. Frattino
Artist: Nori Retherford
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Mike del Mundo
Variant Cover: Mateus Manhanini
Incentive Cover: Mike del Mundo
● Writer Andre R. Frattino (Simon Says: Nazi Hunter) spins a tale about the Celtic myth of the Children of
● Dain, a nefarious, power-hungry magic user and Lir’s brother-in-law, plots to steal the throne from Lir and
his family by turning Lir’s children into swans and ascending the throne himself.
● Fionna, the oldest, wants only to gain revenge against Dain, in order to continue her quest to help her father
secure his fierce and fearsome legacy as a renowned warrior.
● While Fionna attempts to find a way to break their curse, the swan-children are forced to wander near and
far for nearly a thousand years. They endure much hardship and sorrow, but face the curse together…finding
solace and strength in one another.

Magic #12
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Jed MacKay
Artist: Ig Guara
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Miguel Mercado
Hidden Spark Variant Cover: Junggeun Yoon
Incentive Cover (1:10): Dan Mora
Incentive Cover (1:25): Dan Mora
● A newly-debuted Planeswalker must reach Ravnica to seek Kaya the ghost assassin’s help with a vengeful
specter, while Chandra seeks ancient machines that could breach the unseen barrier around Ravnica, and
Garruk’s tireless pursuit of the sadistic and elusive Tibalt may be Chandra’s best lead.
● Meanwhile, our new trio of Planeswalkers join together as their goals align, speeding off to pick up the trail
in Emeria, the shifting Sky Ruin in Zendikar!
● But should they succeed in reaching Ravnica, they’ll face the master dominating Tibalt and Davriel,
perhaps the greatest mage the plane has ever known…

Power Rangers Universe #4
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Nicole Andelfinger
Artist: Simone Ragazzoni
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Dan Mora
Incentive Cover: Dan Mora
FOC Reveal Cover: Helena Masellis
Dark Ranger Incentive Cover: Keyla Valerio
Negative Space Incentive Cover: Goñi Montes
Incentive Cover: Jeff Dekal
FOC Reveal Unlockable Cover: Helena Masellis
● While the teens struggle with burnout from raw Grid Energy, The General offers them and Morphinaut a
deadly choice, even as he threatens to take the Masterforge.
● Will the Legendary Teens find a way to stabilize their Grid Energy and help Morphinaut survive the
ensuing battle?

Mighty Morphin #17
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Mat Groom
Artist: Moisés Hidalgo
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: InHyuk Lee
Legacy Variant Cover: Eleonora Carlini
FOC Reveal Cover: Helena Masellis
Incentive Cover: InHyuk Lee
Incentive Cover: Eleonora Carlini
Incentive Cover: Goñi Montes
FOC Reveal Incentive Cover: Helena Masellis
Unlockable Cover: Goñi Montes
● With the defeat of the Eltarian invasion, the Mighty Morphin team must band together with Matt and Grace
to help rebuild the Command Center.
● But will old tensions arise to create new challenges for the teams? Or can they learn to finally put aside
their differences?

Power Rangers #17
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Marco Renna
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Gerald Parel
Legacy Variant Cover: Daniele Di Nicuolo
FOC Reveal Cover: Helena Masellis
Incentive Cover: Gerald Parel
Incentive Cover: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Incentive Cover: Rian Gonzales
FOC Reveal Incentive Cover: Helena Masellis
Unlockable Cover: Rian Gonzales
● With the threat of the Empyreals gone and Earth saved, the Omega Rangers must forge a new path for
● But with the Blue Emissary gone and Xi still out of commission, can the Rangers survive the dangers of the
universe that they’re trying to protect?

Dune: Tales from Arrakeen HC
Retail Price: $24.99
Writer: Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Artists: Adam Gorham & Jakub Rebelka
Cover Artist: Jeff Dekal
● Jopati Kolona is one of the Sardaukar: the emperor’s elite military unit. Tasked with overthrowing the
Atreides stronghold during the events of Dune, Jopati must choose between duty and forgiveness.
● Meanwhile, as Paul Atreides meets his destiny in battle, Sgt. Vitt must use his family’s gift of storytelling
as a Jongleur to transport his men from their tomb to their homeworld of Caladan. Can Vitt mentally
transport them back to the lushness of Caladan and give them the gift of hope in the darkness?
● Collects Dune: Blood of the Sardaukar #1 & Dune: A Whisper of Caladan Seas #1.

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Keanu Reeves & Matt Kindt
Artist: Ron Garney
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Lee Garbett
Variant Cover: Aaron Campbell
Foil Cover: Lee Garbett
Foil Cover: Aaron Campbell
Incentive Cover: Lee Garbett
Incentive Cover: James Harren
Incentive Cover: Aaron Campbell
Incentive Cover: James Harren
● The countdown nears its end, with more and more flashbacks as the clock approaches zero, each reaching
further and further back in time.
● As his mental journey reaches its culmination, we’ll finally learn the secrets of B.’s birth more than 80,000
years ago…
● Witness the origins of the timeless warrior, and relive his memories as he finally remembers the identity of

Faithless III #2
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Maria Llovet
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Maria Llovet
Erotic Variant Cover: Kris Anka
Incentive Cover: Paulina Ganucheau
● Famed art provocateur Louis Thorn prepares for his big Times Square exhibit, even as his
critic Malcolm continues to tear him down to the press…but when the two come face to face, an unexpected
connection emerges.
● Meanwhile at Five Points, Faith works on her next masterpiece from the privacy of her own wing, until an
intermission with Poppy triggers a revelation about what occurred during the nine months she

Basilisk #8
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Jonas Scharf
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Jonas Scharf
Variant Cover: Max Fiumara
Incentive Cover: Max Fiumara
Incentive Cover: Jenny Frison
Unlockable Cover: Jonas Scharf
● Vanessa descends upon another ghost town with the Faithful and Barret in tow, this time the one where
Hannah’s family died, and Hannah isn’t far behind, on the hunt for Vanessa.
● In the aftermath of the confrontation, Vanessa retreats to the community where it all began, finding an eerie
sight both familiar and unexpected.

Eat the Rich SC
Retail Price: $19.99
Writer: Sarah Gailey
Artist: Pius Bak
Cover Artist: Becca Carey
● With law school and her whole life ahead of her, Joey plans to spend the summer with her boyfriend Astor
at his seemingly perfect family home. But beneath all the affluent perfection lies a dark, deadly rot…
something all the locals live in quiet fear of.
● As summer lingers, Joey uncovers the macabre history of Crestfall Bluffs, and the ruthlessness and secrecy
lying in wait behind the idyllic lives of the one percent. Who can Joey save? Who wants to be saved? And
can she even survive to tell the tale?
● The bold, horrifying psychological thriller from Hugo Award-winning author Sarah Gailey (The Echo Wife,
Magic For Liars) and artist Pius Bak (Firefly, The Magicians) with colorist Roman Titov and letterer
Cardinal Rae.
● Collects Eat the Rich #1-5.

Seven Secrets #15
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Daniele di Nicuolo
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Variant Cover: Javier Fernandez
Connecting Incentive Cover: Miguel Mercado
Incentive Cover: Javier Fernandez
● As the stakes get higher and more of the Order is lost, Caspar begins to struggle with the weight of the
destruction mounting around him.
● With Amon wielding the power of the future, can Caspar stay one step ahead and protect the ones he loves?
Or will one wrong move bring it all tumbling down?

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead Vol. 2 SC
Retail Price: $14.99
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Simone Di Meo
Cover Artist: Simone Di Meo
● Fifty years have passed since Captain Malik and the crew of the Vihaan II embarked on their fateful
mission – and the universe has changed in ways no one ever expected.
● Jason Hauer, one of the fated crew, lives a life on the razor’s edge between the Harvesters and the
● But the only people who can help Jason have their own secret agenda – one that may bring him face to face
with Captain Malik in ways beyond comprehension in the next chapter of the acclaimed sci-fi epic from
superstars Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk) and Simone Di Meo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers).
● Collects We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #6-10.

Dark Blood SC
Retail Price: $19.99
Writer: LaToya Morgan
Artist: Walt Barna & Moisés Hidalgo
Cover Artist: Valentine de Landro
● Avery Aldridge was a decorated soldier during World War II; now he’s just an ordinary young Black man
busy providing for his family. But he’s haunted by the wounds of war, and after a run-in awakens latent
abilities, he’ll discover he’s anything but ordinary.
● But between flashbacks, ever-emerging and frightening powers, and a seemingly kind doctor with unclear
motives, will Avery be able to make sense of his newfound abilities and what’s been done to him? Can he
keep his family safe in a society that never wanted him to have any power?
● A bold, evocative genre-bending saga by NAACP Image Award-Winning screenwriter LaToya Morgan
(AMC’s The Walking Dead, Into The Badlands), artists Walt Barna (The Osiris Path) and Moisés Hidalgo
(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and colorist A.H.G. (Broken Bear) about the power of love, family, and
● Collects Dark Blood #1-6.

Regarding the Matter of Oswald’s Body #5
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Christopher Cantwell
Artist: Luca Casalanguida
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Luca Casalanguida
Incentive Cover: E.M. Gist
● Our cast arrive in Terlingua, Texas, looking to flee to Mexico, all the while wondering if they’ve been the
good guys in all this, doing their patriotic duty, and whether they should stay and fight after all.
● But with Frank and a hired killer to deal with, will there be any second chances? And just who is the
shadowed figure overlooking Oswald’s exhumation in 1981?

The Killer: Affairs of the State #2
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Matz
Artist: Luc Jacamon
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Luc Jacamon
Vintage Incentive Cover: DANI
Incentive Cover: Toni Infante
● The gang wars within the city intensify, thanks to the suspicious death of a prominent drug runner.
● Barbara, the Killer’s and Nicolas’s handler, introduces them to another undercover agent working to
infiltrate the gang of a corrupt city hall official.
● Can they leverage the connection to give the official the “negative treatment” — and take him off the board
for good?

Buckhead #4
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Shobo Coker
Artist: George Kambadais
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: George Kambadais
FOC Reveal Cover: Yejin Park
Video Game Box Art Homage Incentive Cover: Simangaliso Sibaya
FOC Reveal Incentive Cover: Yejin Park
● Toba and his friends have come up with a plan to save Buckhead — and Toba’s dad.
● With security at the school tighter than expected, the friends must split up: plunging Toba into the
Elseverse, while the rest race to disable the transmitter controlling the town.
● Even if Toba finds his father, as well as the means to potentially save the town, the battle for Buckhead has
only begun…

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