BOOM! Studios Makes a Triumphant Return to ComicsPRO

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 20, 2023) – BOOM! Studios is thrilled to be physically returning to ComicsPRO’s Annual Comic Industry Meeting this year in Pittsburgh, PA. As we continue to support and champion our retail partners in 2023, please find the key points from BOOM! Studios’ presentation below:

BOOM! Studios will anchor its 2023 publishing program around fan favorite original titles, extending proven hits into ongoing series, bringing back beloved storytelling universes, and building upon the franchises that readers know and love, including:

-New standalone BRZRKR specials from high-profile talent.
-Brand new arcs for DAMN THEM ALL and BRIAR.
-FENCE returning to single issues with a new series.
-A journey back to the twisted Wonderland of ALICE EVER AFTER.
-Two new macabre specials from R.L. Stine’s STUFF OF NIGHTMARES.
-Brand new stories set in the universes of CODA and WILD’S END.
-And many more exciting issues from top-selling titles such as SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN and GRIM.

As Power Rangers celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023, BOOM! Studios will support this milestone with stories designed for both longtime fans and new readers alike, including an all ages series launching on Free Comic Book Day called RANGER ACADEMY and a secret event that will be our biggest to date.

The MECH CADETS animated streaming series arrives on Netflix in Summer 2023. BOOM! Studios will help bring new readers into the comics with a Free Comic Book Day issue featuring key art on the cover and a behind-the-scenes look at the show, along with a softcover collection of the 12-issue original series, Mech Cadet Yu, and the launch of a brand new Mech Cadets series in late summer.

In support of its retail partners, BOOM! unveiled plans for the BOOM! GUARANTEE 2.023 program, setting a new gold standard for returnability and risk reduction.

-The program will be increasing returnability in 2023, expanding the option to more series and on more issues, and expanding the program to additional collections and graphic novels.
-A weekly 2% freight rebate on each and every BOOM! Studios product ordered will help to mitigate shipping costs.
-BOOM! Studios also announced THE PITCH WITH BOOM!, an exclusive monthly virtual retailer roundtable experience with TBA special guests and exclusive announcements.
-Retailers will be sent a BOOM! Guarantee Sales Kit, which includes many durable and evergreen Point-of-Sale materials.

“Direct Market retailers are the lifeblood of our industry,” said BOOM! Studios President of Publishing and Marketing, Filip Sablik. “We pride ourselves in how we listen and respond to the changing publishing landscape, and how we strive to meet the needs of our retail partners to continue growing our business together.”

“2022 was about change for all of us and the industry as a whole. 2023 is about thoughtfully reinvesting in the Direct Market to propel us all forward,” says Josh Hayes, Vice President, Sales. “We are committed to you as partners and will bring you the tools and support you need to succeed in a complex environment all while remaining steadfastly committed to building our publishing line with new original content and tried and true fan favorites every month.”

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