Product Title: Fence: Redemption #1
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: C.S. Pacat
Artist: Johanna the Mad
Colorist: Joana Lafuente
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Johanna the Mad
B: Variant Cover: Magdalena Pągowska
C: Pride Variant Cover: Keyla Valerio
D: Incentive Cover (1:10): Magdalena Pągowska
E: Incentive Cover (1:25): Frany
F: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Johanna the Mad
● The GLAAD Media Award-nominated sports comic, perfect for fans of Check, Please!, returns with a
brand-new series!
● USA Today best-selling author C. S. Pacat (Dark Knights of Steel: Tales From the Three Kingdoms, Dark
Rise) and acclaimed cartoonist Johanna the Mad (Wynd) continue their winning streak with the continuation
of the on-point GLAAD Media Award-nominated series!
● Return to the thrilling world of high-stakes, competitive fencing with a brand new story featuring the
beloved cast of characters from the original hit series.
● Are Seiji and Jesse really through? The rumors around Halverton, the prestigious fencing training camp,
have spread like wildfire, but it’s not long before a mystery fencer arrives–one who may finally pose a
threat to the #1 spot.
● Will Seiji’s unquenchable quest for rivalry be what finally makes him leave Nicholas behind?

Product Title: Creed #1
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: LaToya Morgan and Jai Jamison
Artist: Wilton Santos
Colorist: DJ Chavis
Cover Artists
A: Main Cover: Mateus Manhanini
B: Homage Variant: Valentine De Landro
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Paris Alleyne
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Jahnoy Lindsay
E: Incentive Cover (1:50): Jahnoy Lindsay
F: Incentive Cover (1:100): Junggeun Yoon
● Creed Comes to Comics Under the Creative Direction of Director and Star Michael B. Jordan and Outlier
● Ten years after the events of the blockbuster Creed III, Amara Creed is on her own path, stepping outside
her father Adonis Creed’s shadow and training like there’s no tomorrow.
● But when her division opponents no longer present a challenge, Amara’s drive will have her following in
her father’s footsteps, going underground.
● She’ll also need the perfect trainer, but perfection comes with tangled strings attached.
● Superstar writers LaToya Morgan (Dark Blood, AMC’s The Walking Dead) and Jai Jamison (Superman &
Lois), artist Wilton Santos (Break Out), alongside Creed III director and star Michael B. Jordan bring Creed
to comics in a story no fan of the franchise can afford to miss!

Product Title: Wild’s End #1
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: I.N.J. Culbard
Cover Artists
A: Main Cover: I.N.J. Culbard
B: Homage Variant Cover: Francesco Francavilla
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): I.N.J. Culbard
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Ariel Olivetti
E: Incentive Cover (1:50): InHyuk Lee
F Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Ariel Olivetti
● The critically acclaimed anthropomorphic alien invasion saga returns with a brand new story & cast!
● Journey to alien-occupied interwar England, courtesy of the award-winning creative team of Dan Abnett
(Warhammer 40K, Immortal Red Sonja) & I.N.J. Culbard (Salamandre, Tales From The Umbrella
Academy), with Nik Abnett providing additional material!
● Out at sea during the invasion, our intimate crew of unlucky voyagers returns to a world they once knew,
their once-cozy seaside home now occupied by alien invaders.
● Combining a rich cast of anthropomorphized characters in the tradition of Blacksad and aliens unlike any
you’ve ever seen in the spirit of War of the Worlds meets Wind in the Willows! Wild’s End is a world unlike
any other… one you won’t want to leave.

Product Title: Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #6
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Leila del Duca
Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Kevin Wada
B: Variant Cover: Leila del Duca & Tamra Bonvillain
C: Foil Variant Cover: Jenny Frison
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Kevin Wada
E: Incentive Cover (1:50): Leila del Duca & Tamra Bonvillain
F: Incentive Cover (1:75): Jenny Frison
G: Incentive Cover (1:100): Stephanie Hans
● The Second Act of the Epic Post-apocalyptic Series from Legendary Comics Writer Jason Aaron Starts
● Mezzy and Maceo found the unimaginable–a secluded suburban community, well-preserved and filled with
everything they’d need to survive until adulthood.
● As adults, however, the highest highs of romance and contentment are shadowed by dysfunction, just as
their quaint community is surrounded by the ever-present horrors of the wasteland.
● How long can their little piece of paradise last?

Product Title: A Vicious Circle #2
Retail Price: $9.99
Writer: Mattson Tomlin
Artist: Lee Bermejo
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Lee Bermejo
B: Variant Cover: Helena Masellis
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Lee Bermejo
D: Incentive Cover (1:15): Lewis LaRosa
E: Incentive Cover (1:25): InHyuk Lee
F: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Helena Masellis
● Book Two of the Epic Graphic Storytelling Event is Here!
● Filled cover to cover with some of the most groundbreaking art in present day comics, the second
installment of this enthralling series sees Thacker and Ferris jump from 2090 Copenhagen to 1938 Nazi
● As the story leaps backward toward the stunning finale, will bitter enemies remain just that, or is there more
to their murderous and time-transcending relationship?
● The hotly-anticipated second act of the time-traveling modern masterpiece by artist Lee Bermejo (Batman:
Damned) and writer Mattson Tomlin (The Batman: Part II), perfect for fans of BRZRKR and Time Before
Time, will leave fans breathless!

Product Title: Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless #1
Retail Price: $7.99
Writer: Adam Cesare
Artist: Moisés Hidalgo
Colorist: Arthur Hesli
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Dan Mora
B: Foil Variant Cover: Goñi Montes
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Dan Mora
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Stephanie Hans
● The Debut of the DRAKKON RANGERS!
● As if the medium-spanning, fan-favorite villain Drakkon wasn’t enough of a threat, Mistress Vile has
special plans, ones that will bring the Rangers’ greatest foe into our world!
● But this scheming isn’t without consequences for Drakkon, and he’ll have to take a page from the book of
Zordon if he wants the world of The Coinless to survive.
● But who would be unhinged enough to join his team? As if they have a choice…
● In anticipation of the monumental 30th anniversary of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise,
acclaimed Dead Mall and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance writer Adam Cesare teams up with Mighty
Morphin artist Moisés Hidalgo to present the last Rangers anyone would want to be… that fans didn’t
know they needed!

Product Title: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #109
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Melissa Flores
Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice
Colorist: Raúl Angulo
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Taurin Clarke
B: Variant Cover:Vincenzo Riccardi
C: Action Figure Incentive Cover (1:10): Bon Bernardo
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Vincenzo Riccardi
E: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Taurin Clarke
● As fans eagerly await the epic 30th anniversary of the airing of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the
horrifying truth of the Vessel finally revealed to Zordon and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but the
last person they want to fight shatters their odds of success.
● But it’s not only heroes that clash with each other–villains too, in a brutal battle that will pit former allies
against each other, and ultimately unearth long-buried secrets that readers have been dying to know!

Product Title: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Recharged Vol. 2 SC (Book 16)
Retail Price: $16.99
Writer: Melissa Flores
Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice with Kath Lobo
Colorist: Raúl Angulo with Fabi Marques
Cover Artist: Mateus Manhanini
● In dreams of the distant past and the battle for Earth and the Moon, new revelations about Zedd, Zordon,
and Rita are uncovered. While the Rangers debate their priorities and the fate of their captured friend, an
agent of their enemies awaits them— one of an evil presence that’s all too familiar!
● Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa (a.k.a. Mistress Vile) ramps up her pursuit of a special prize for Dark Specter—
one that he won’t be able to resist. With new allies and an all-too-familiar minion, will the Morphin Grid
manage to withstand Mistress Vile’s onslaught?
● Writer Melissa Flores (The Dead Lucky), artist Simona Di Gianfelice (Firefly), and colorist Raúl Angulo
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer), along with guest artist Kath Lobo (Go, Go, Power Rangers!) and colorist Fabi
Marques (Batman: The World), continue this bold new era of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
● Collects Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #103-106.

Product Title: Magic Planeswalkers: Noble #1
Retail Price: $7.99
Writer: Stephanie Williams, Daniel Warren & Dave Rapoza
Artist: Alberto Locatelli, Lea Caballero
Colorist: Arianna Consonni, Raúl Angulo
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Jahnoy Lindsay
B: Secret Variant Cover: Frany
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Jahnoy Lindsay
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Justine Florentino
● The first of a series of Planeswalker team-ups in the spirit of Marvel Team-Up!
● Planeswalkers Karn and Ral Zarek team up to navigate the lonely and often treacherous space between
flesh and machine…
● Meanwhile, a romantic outing featuring Jace and Vraska? The circumstances are less than ideal, however,
and even perilous!
● Between fan-favorite pairings and unexpected, exciting alliances, the stellar creative team of Stephanie
Williams (Nubia: Queen of the Amazons), Daniel Warren and Dave Rapoza (Steve Lichman), Alberto
Locatelli, Lea Caballero, Arianna Consonni, and Raúl Angulo take readers to unforgettable realms in the
Magic Multiverse!

Product Title: Magic Vol. 5 HC
Retail Price: $24.99
Writer: Rich Douek and Jed MacKay
Artist: Ig Guara, Jacques Salomon, French Carlomagno, Giorgio Spalletta, Alberto Locatelli, Roberta Ingranata
Colorist: Arianna Consonni (Arancia Studio), Francesco Segala with assistance by Gloria Martinelli, Mattia Iacono
Cover Artist: Miguel Mercado
● While our Planeswalker heroes enjoy a time of relative peace, threats from their past refuse to rest, leading
to reluctant alliances.
● With a villain ready to pull at the seams of the Multiverse, will the wildcard Planeswalker entering the story
help Jace, Vraska, Ral, Kaya, Niko, Chandra, Garruk, and Liliana, or is chaos in store? Garruk the
Wildspeaker agrees to work with the woman who once cursed him, and together, they must find Isona
Maive before she finds an even more dangerous ally than Marit Lage or Tezzeret! Someone is manipulating
all their fates, and there’s no time left for grudges.
● Rich Douek (Superman Red & Blue) joins series writer Jed MacKay (Moon Knight), artists Ig Guara (Edge
of Spider-Verse), Jacques Salomon, Giorgio Spalletta, French Carlomagno, Roberta Ingranata, and Alberto
Locatelli, colorists Arianna Consonni, Francesco Segala, Mattia Iacono, and Natalia Nesterenkko, and
letterer Ed Dukeshire for the final volume of Magic!
● Collects Magic #21-25.

Product Title: Ghostlore #2
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Leomacs
Colorist: Jason Wordie
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Leomacs
B: Variant Cover: Danny Luckert
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Danny Luckert
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Javier Rodriguez
E: Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Leomacs
● In the stunningly spectral sophomore issue from acclaimed horror purveyor Cullen Bun and superstar artist
Leomacs, the tragedy and grief of the accident not only bring tension to Lucas and Harmony, but may affect
the spirits they encounter–forever.
● How will they reconcile their differing approaches to the ghosts that cross their path, before it tears them

Product Title: Seasons Have Teeth, The #3
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Sebastián Cabrol
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Qistina Khalidah
B: Incentive Cover (1:25): Sebastián Fiumara
C: FOC Reveal Cover: TBA
● While the Summer photos are a sensation, Autumn is a different beast altogether, and not just because the
stationary lair of decay takes up the entirety of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, threatening another
● It’s the time of guilt for Andrew, where his life started to wither as well, but can it do any more harm in the
present than it has in the past?
● Readers will find out in the thrilling and timely penultimate issue before winter and the grand finale

Product Title: Neighbors, The #4
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Jude Ellison S. Doyle
Artist: Letizia Cadonici
Colorist: Alessandro Santoro
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Miguel Mercado
B: Homage Variant Cover: Megan Hutchison
C: Incentive Cover (1:15): Becca Carey
● Sometimes the strangest worlds require the most unusual and unexpected alliances.
● Maw author Jude Ellison S. Doyle and House of Slaughter artist Letizia Cadonici pull the Gowdie family
deeper down the rabbit hole as the finale approaches!
● But where alliances form, paranoia can also grow, and an ominous encounter with Isobel rocks Oliver to
the core.

Product Title: Damn Them All Vol. 1 SC
Retail Price: $19.99
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Charlie Adlard
Colorist: Sofie Dodgson
Cover Artist: Charlie Adlard
● Now an ONGOING SERIES featuring the most badass occult antihero since Constantine!
● After the death of Ellie’s uncle Alfie, an infamous magician and occult detective, the 72 devils of the Ars
Goetia are mysteriously freed from their infernal realm. It’s now up to her to track down each of these
demons and damn them right back to Hell… using holy water, conjuration, or just her trusty, rusty claw
● Meanwhile Dora, a detective traumatized by the same events as Ellie, is suspicious of the untimely death of
Alfie. As new terrors unfold, the two witness strange changes to the political landscape of Britain: a
gibbering madness infecting the population.
● Alfie’s meddling made more than just the mortal realm a nightmare, so it’s up to Bloody El to set things
right… with only eternity at stake.
● Legendary The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard teams up with Step By Bloody Step scribe Simon
Spurrier to bring readers the most macabre and tenacious new occult antihero since John Constantine!
● Collects Damn Them All #1-6.

Product Title: Wynd Book Three: The Throne in the Sky SC
Retail Price: $14.99
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Michael Dialynas
Colorist: N/A
Cover Artist: Michael Dialynas
● The land of Esseriel is a darker and more dangerous place than ever, as tensions between the Human and
Faerie realms build to the brink of war. Could Wynd be the only hope for peace?
● Danger, betrayal, and even some romance confront our heroes at every turn, while elsewhere, the Duke
makes murderous plans of his own. Things seem dire, but help from an unexpected figure might just be the
lifeline Wynd and Merien need… even though the final battle draws near.
● The Eisner and GLAAD-nominated Wynd saga continues in this epic new volume from Eisner
Award-winning writer James Tynion IV (Batman, Something is Killing the Children) and artist Michael
Dialynas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), the GLAAD Award-winning creative team behind The Woods.

Product Title: Approach, The SC
Retail Price: $17.99
Writer: Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley
Artist: Jesús Hervás & Lea Caballero
Colorist: Brett Weldele
Cover Artist: Jeremy Haun
● A Standalone Tale of Terror for Fans of Joe Hill’s Rain and 30 Days of Night!
● When airport employees Mac and Abigail find themselves snowed in after a blizzard, they witness a
terrible plane crash–one that’s been missing for 27 years! But it’s not the sky that deserves dread, but what
lies beyond it.
● Mac, Abi, and the remaining airport crew feel helpless to stop the rampage of a supernatural predatory
stowaway. But with the blizzard continuing to rage and the creature nesting in the airport, how will the
stranded people survive?
● In this turbulent horror mini-series from writers Jeremy Haun (The Red Mother) & Jason A. Hurley (The
Beauty) and artist Jesús Hervás (The Empty Man), a storm is coming… and it’s bringing more than bad
● Collects The Approach #1-5.

Product Title: Specs SC
Retail Price: $14.99
Writer: David M. Booher
Artist: Chris Shehan
Colorist: Roman Stevens
Cover Artist: Skylar Patridge
● A supernatural 80s throwback perfect for fans of Stranger Things via Killer Queens!
● Small town. Ohio, 1986. All Kenny and Ted want is to not feel like outcasts. What happens when a pair of
X-ray glasses mysteriously appear? The magic specs open a world of possibilities for these misfit teens
through the granting of literal wishes!
● Things start out innocent, but when they wish that their bully would disappear, things take a cursed turn,
with far darker consequences than they thought possible…
● In this mysterious and nostalgic tale from writer David M. Booher (Canto, All-New Firefly) and artist Chris
Shehan (House of Slaughter), Kenny and Ted realize they’ve received much more than they bargained
● Collects Specs #1-4.

Product Title: Expanse, The: Dragon Tooth #3
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Rubine
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Christian Ward
B: Variant Cover: Justine Florentino
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Junggeun Yoon
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Christian Ward
● Comics veteran Andy Diggle (The Losers, Green Arrow: Year One) and artist Rubine (Voltron: Legendary
Defender) continue their adaptation of the beloved science fiction franchise!
● Set in the nearly 30 year gap between the 6th and 7th novels, The Expanse: Babylon’s Ashes and The
Expanse: Persepolis Rising, the final season of the television series was not the end, and neither an unstable
interstellar cold war nor emerging alien technology will compare to what is revealed in this unexplored gap
between tales!

Product Title: Dune: House Harkonnen #6
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Artist: Fran Galán
Colorist: Patricio Delpeche
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Raymond Swanland
B: Variant Cover: Reiko Murakami
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Raymond Swanland
D: Incentive Cover (1:25): Toni Infante
● The brutality of Rabban and the Harkonnens abounds mid-series, while on Arrakis, Liet and Warrick face a
different kind of conflict as they’re pitted against each other in the name of love.
● Meanwhile Leto and Kailea’s relationship reaches a seemingly unresolvable point, but Leto also finds
himself in a fateful meeting elsewhere…

Product Title: Vampire Slayer, The #15
Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Sarah Gailey
Artist: Kath Lobo
Colorist: Valentina Pinto
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Skylar Patridge
B: Variant Cover: Yoshi Yoshitani
C: Incentive Cover (1:10): Skylar Patridge
● In the continuing adventures of Buffy’s returned Slayer status, Willow and Xander find themselves caught
in a snare–somewhere between snack and sacrifice!
● With the gang gearing up for a rescue, it’s not long before Drusilla also puts Faith and Buffy in danger with
unexpected help…

Product Title: Vampire Slayer, The Vol. 3 SC
Retail Price: $16.99
Writer: Sarah Gailey
Artist: Hannah Templer
Colorist: Valentina Pinto, Francesco Segala
Cover Artist: Sebastian Fiumara
● While Xander gets ready for a monstrous confrontation, he finds a new one in his relationship as well… a
fight that could mean the end in more ways than one. But Willow and Faith are one step ahead of Xander.
Needing supernatural aid, will Willow push herself to a place she may not be able to return from?
● Despite Giles’ efforts, they may have to live with an irreversible spell. And as Buffy recuperates from the
previous battle that’s left her worse for wear, she’ll team up with someone just as reluctant to do so. Can
Buffy remember who she was and save Willow from herself as well as Sunnydale from total destruction?
● Writer Sarah Gailey (Eat the Rich, Magic For Liars) and artist Hannah Templer (Flung Out of Space)
conclude the first year of the WILLOWVERSE storyline!
● Collects The Vampire Slayer #9-12.

Product Title: Giant Days Library Edition Vol. 1 HC
Retail Price: $29.99
Writer: John Allison
Artist: Lissa Treiman, Max Sarin
Colorist: Whitney Cogar
Cover Artist: Max Sarin
● The first of seven deluxe, durable hardcovers collecting the complete Eisner Award-winning series!
● The school year is just beginning at Sheffield University, jam-packed with new classes, new professors,
new places to explore…not to mention new clubs, new cliques, and new shenanigans, too.
● For first years Daisy, Esther, and Susan, they’ve got new friends on lock, forming a tight bond from their
very first days as next-dorm neighbors. But learning to navigate life as brand new (almost) adults isn’t as
easy as it looks, between old nemeses popping up, academic struggles, and new crushes on the horizon. It’s
a good thing these three have each other to help survive Hall Balls, bantering lads, and drama vortexes
● The Giant Days Library Edition Volume 1, written by John Allison (Wicked Things, Steeple) and illustrated
by Lissa Treiman (Minötar) and Max Sarin (Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill Tour)
collects the first eight issues of the Eisner Award-winning and Harvey Award-nominated series, along with
an issue of the original webcomic and extras, all in a deluxe hardcover.

Product Title: Something is Killing the Children Pen & Ink #1
Retail Price: $6.99
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Werther Dell’Edera
Cover Artist:
A: Main Cover: Werther Dell’Edera
B: Spot UV Variant Cover: N/A
C: Blank Sketch Variant Cover: N/A
● BOOM! Studios is proud to present PEN & INK, a deluxe art-focused format featuring stunning black and
white interior inks with artist commentary.
● Begin your collection with this premium reformat of Something is Killing the Children #1, celebrating the
start of Erica Slaughter’s epic journey with exclusive notes and annotations from artist and co-creator
Werther Dell’Edera.
● This issue will be available with a premium cardstock cover, alongside a gorgeous Spot UV variant cover
and a blank sketch cover.

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