BOOK CAVE: Zombies of the Gene Pool

Zombies of the Gene Pool
Sharyn McCrumb

I just finished reading Zombies of the Gene Pool by Sharyn McCrumb. This is the second of the two book Jay Omega Mystery series. The first was Bimbos of the Death Sun. Both books are set in a SF Convention in the early 1990s. The two main characters in both books are college professors, Dr. James Owen Mega (Jay Omega) and his friend/possible future romantic interest, Dr. Marion Farley are involved in another mystery set in a SF Convention.
The many twists that this book goes through will make your head spin. The murder happens towards the middle of the story and like a great Scooby Doo mystery, you get surprised by who the killer is and why.
I loved reading the first book, Bimbos of the Death Sun, and as soon as I heard there was a second book, I hunted it down and bought it. I greatly enjoyed reading it and wish there were more in the series. The two amateur detectives had great chemistry and they felt like real people that you would enjoy sitting and talking with.
I have to say that even though I thought I knew the answers before they were revealed, I was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised by the twist of who the murderer was.
If you love a good mystery, of more than just murder, you will enjoy reading Zombies of the

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