BOOK CAVE: Section Seven Witches Rising By Rob Mancebo

This is the third book of the Section seven series. I’ve enjoyed all 3 books and liked the growth of the characters in the series. Kane, the main character in the series has always shown how bad he was, here he showed a different side of his character. Not soft, but a more human side with his relating with others.
The book is divided into six connecting cases. Each one different but connected to a main evil the group is fighting.
What’s interesting is, characters that would be considered evil or at least, not on the side of good, like witches, are the good guys. I like how you find out that witches are not all green, with warts, ride brooms and want to have kids for dinner, as the main course. You find out that there are several different types.
Sun Wukong is a “demon” monkey, who is in it for the fun. I guess when you are immortal you have to do something to pass time for entertainment. Fighting other demons is a good as anything.
After Kane, Terri is a very interesting character, who starts the series as a sacrifice to being a major butt-kicker. Her growth is shown over the series, as a 19 year old daughter of a policeman, who has trained in martial arts to being (using Star Wars phrase) one with the force.
One of the many things I like about Rob Mancebo’s characters is, they are not a Gilligan (characters that remain the same from beginning to end) and evolve and grow into stronger characters by the end. Even characters you think are minor have a chance to grow much stronger over time.
The book feels like an ending in some ways, but like life it is the start to a new path in Section Seven.
Be sure and read Rob Mancebo’s other books and also the other great writers of Pulp Work Press.

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