BOOK CAVE: Rise of the Skull Crusher Book 2

Rise of the Skull Crusher

Book 2

By Joel Jenkins

This is the second book of The Skull Crusher series with a third due in late 2018. Any fan of Joel Jenkins, new or old can easily find his books on Amazon. Strommand Greattrix reminds me of Robert E. Howard’s Conan. Both are big and powerful and not always the smartest when it comes to a pretty girl.

With Strommand, whenever he stops somewhere he ends up with another pretty woman. In a way he reminds me of Captain Kirk, who could find a pretty girl on any planet he visited. Not only can Strommand find a pretty woman where ever he is at, they also are possible future wives. Some you cheer for, some you want something bad to happen to them. Three of them may look good, but I hope they would not notice me if I was in the story.

As for the men, Strommand befriends some that you might think would turn on him. It is like you are waiting for the other shoe to drop, thinking they may betray him. Those are the good guys. The bad guys, you never know for sure if they are really bad or just written that way. With Joel Jenkins, no one is totally evil or good. They are people who don’t always take the right path in life, and sometimes they decide to change their path.

What I haven’t mentioned is that this adventure takes place on a world with three moons. A world with no known oceans and water is hard to come by, and enemies are everywhere. Instead of ships on the oceans, we have ships in the air kept afloat by balloons.

After reading two of a possible trilogy (I hope for more), and all the battles between airships I am surprised that all of the main characters aren’t dead or close to death.

Be prepared battles, romance, intrigue, betrayal, and that is just a regular day in Joel Jenkins’ worlds. Be sure and check out Amazon for several more great books by Joel Jenkins.

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