BOOK CAVE: Forbidden Cities of The Dire Planet By Joel Jenkins

I just finished reading another great book by Joel Jenkins. In this book, Joel proved I was right when I said several times that his secondary characters of any series could be a main character in their own story.

In the six short stories in Forbidden Cities, we get to see how right I was in thinking this. Even though the series is named after him, Garvey Dire is only mentioned a few times in the book and never appears. In many other series by other writers, the main hero is either seen in every chapter or at least mentioned strongly. Joel Jenkins has enough confidence in his secondary and even lesser characters to carry a story on their own.

While Joel can and does create very interesting characters, who you either want to cheer or boo, it doesn’t always mean that they will always survive. This book proved just that. While others you didn’t expect to survive, do. Even with that hint, you will be surprised by which is which.

In all of Joel Jenkins books, enemies can become friends and friends can surprise you and become enemies. But sometimes they may change back.

From what I noticed in Joel’s books, he likes to introduce new characters with an interesting history. That character may have little to do in their first story, but don’t be surprised to see them come back in a later story in a way.

The back cover of Forbidden Cities of The Dire Planet gives you all you need to capture your interest. “Stranded far from the Sanctuary of The Underground City the warrior Kawnos Sirk leads hated enemies across the churning stones and dust of the Sea of Sorrow even while being chased by cannibalistic tribes, fending off the winged fiends of the nighttime skies, and dealing with the treachery of her erstwhile allies.”

What more do you need? Buy the book, in fact, buy the series of the Dire Planet and start your reading enjoyment. Once you start, you will want to read all of Joel Jenkins books. Check out his Amazon Page for all his many books.

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