BOOK CAVE: Doc Brazen #2

Doc Brazen #2
Dead Wrong

Jeff Deischer

I just read Dead Wrong, Doc Brazen #2 written by the awesome Jeff Deischer. Jeff justs gets better with each new book he writes and this right now is my favorite. Doc Brazen is the best Doc Savage pastiche I’ve read. I enjoyed reading about a 100-year-old hero that can still kick everyone’s butt. Looks like this is the era of senior citizen heroes like a 90+ year old Picard starting new adventures and relationships.
Doc Brazen’s aides are very interesting. I like how he mixes in the sons of some of his former aides with new characters, different than the originals. Like Doc Savage’s aides, Monk and Ham, Doc Brazen’s aides, Oz and Noble take center stage.
Jeff used what is called the “play fair” rule, in which he gives clues through the story as to who the bad guy is.
If you changed the name from Doc Brazen to Doc Savage, you would have no problem thinking you were reading Doc Savage in his senior years.
Be sure and check out Jeff Deischer’s Amazon page to grab and read all his books. You will enjoy it.

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