Bob Scott’s BEAR WITH ME

This deluxe hardcover includes a curated selection of Bob Scott’s comic strip Bear with Me, presented for your enjoyment! There will be an introductory essay and never-before-seen art included in this beautiful book!

Molly has real-world problems; Bear has problems with the real world!

It can be tough being a tween. You want to do big things, change the world, and right some wrongs. But you also have to deal with math homework, getting enough sleep, and the drama between your dad and pet bear. This is Molly’s world.

Being a tween is so much easier when your BFF is an 800-pound bear.

Bear is no ordinary bear. He sheds like a normal bear, he snores like a normal bear, but he is afraid of absolutely everything. Plus, he is allergic to fur. His own. But with Molly holding his paw, he can muddle through.

January 2021


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