Blu Lullaby from Markosia Enterprises

Blu Lullaby
Writer: Chad Perkins

Artist: Andrea Montano

Editor: Rodolfo Martinez


A Girl and her Monster Under the Bed work for a supernatural detective agency to solve the mystery of children going missing.

I know you’re probably not familiar with me, but I can tell you that I wrote a comic series called Blu Lullaby. Blu Lullaby is a horror crime book where your fears become your greatest ally. Blu Lullaby is for readers who love the horror and detective genres. What sets this book apart from others in the genre is, it is not afraid to take risks and experiments with who and what can be considered evil. It is my first series ever written and I have recruited Andrea Montano as my artist and Rodolfo Martinez as editor.

Blu Lullaby used to be under the banner of Action Lab Comics: Danger Zone imprint. But after a very huge thing happened (Link Below.) I regained my rights and shopped Blu around, getting it scooped up by Markosia, one of the UKs leading independent publishers of graphic novels!

Available now on Comixology!

Blu Lullaby

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