Blackjack vs. Poker: Which One Is More Profitable?

Blackjack and poker are easily the two most popular card games you can play. But not only do each of them differ in terms of their rules and gameplan, but both of them also have very different payouts.

So, if you’re looking to make it big playing card games, then you should first consider the profitability of each one. The main difference between the two and their profitability is the house edge.

What Is House Edge?

It is important to understand that gambling, usually consists of two players: the player itself and the casino or house. The casino is not a charitable organization looking to give away its money to players who step in. In fact, it is a business that looking to make money, so they are very much competing against you.

Sometimes house edge can be obvious in games like slots, it can even exist in games like Blackjack and Craps. When games have a house edge, the chances of the player losing are always higher. It’s like the old saying goes, “The house always wins.”

But there are also different factors that can determine the house advantage in a game. So even though you can determine the house’s advantage in percentages, that can change quickly if, for example, the player doesn’t know how to play.

Factors That Affect the House Edge

Player Knowledge and Experience

The first and most important thing to understand about house edge is that it can change drastically depending on who is playing. New or casual players will usually be prime targets for games with a house edge like Blackjack because they don’t know all of the rules yet.

Let’s say that a game of blackjack has a house edge of 0.5%. So players will usually think that they, naturally, have a higher chance of winning. However, if a player doesn’t have a strategy in mind, then the house edge can skyrocket up to 2% with just this factor alone.

And even though Blackjack can look deceptively inviting with its simple gameplay, there are different smaller rules that affect the state of the game.

  • Does the surrender rule apply to your situation?
  • What is the surrender rule?
  • What are re-split aces?
  • Should you hit again on re-split aces?
  • Is it possible to double on the first two cards?
  • Do you lose the original bet when the dealer gets a blackjack?

These rules might seem insignificant, but the truth is that they each favor the house more than you.

 Choosing a 3:2 or 6:5

When playing blackjack, there are usually two types of tables you can choose from the 3:2 or the 6:5 ratios. Each of these ratios affects payouts in blackjack. With 3:2, you can make a $10 bet and win $15. On the other hand, you can bet $10 and win $12 with the 6:5 ratio. While the 6:5 might seem like a smaller risk upfront, the house edge is greater.

Poker Does Not Have House Edge

There has long been a debate about whether poker is a game of luck or skill, and the answer is both. However, skill can trump luck when playing poker, as skilled players can still make it by with the worst cards. The house charges a fee for hosting a game, or they take a percentage out of the pot itself. Therefore, they don’t need a house advantage to make a hefty profit.

Profit Margins in Each Game


Considering how prevalent the threat of a house edge is during a game, making a profit can be difficult. But even if you could beat the house edge and come out on top, winning in blackjack is just not as profitable. Getting a blackjack usually offers a payout of 1.5x the original bet.

So, if you make a bet of $500, you can win $750. Play blackjack online at and practice this game.


Poker, on the other hand, is very different from blackjack, in that there is a set amount that you could win. It instead has a winner takes all approach to the game, where all players buy in for a chance to win the pot. So if you’re good, you can win as much as much as 3x or 4x the amount you spent to pay in.

Of course, the thing about poker is that you have to be very good at the game to win. And if you’re a beginner playing against even intermediates or above average beginners, you will lose. So for a career, poker is always better than blackjack.


Both games are thrilling to play, but poker is known to be a game more about skill than luck, and blackjack is the opposite. However, blackjack has a house edge and poker doesn’t and you play against the dealer, not against other players.

Try to enjoy both games while waging responsibly to avoid overspending on gambling sites. Have fun!

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