(W) Iolanda Zanfardino (A/CA) Elisa Romboli
Alice will get a hearty taste of the San Francisco life, and along the way she’ll learn a few new things: Just because her whole world falls apart, doesn’t mean she can’t build something exciting from scratch–like two new passionate and unconventional friendships. And even if her sugary fairytales haven’t broken through her creative block, a job may be the best way to discover her complicated new city. And also: peanut butter can fix pretty much anything.
In Shops: May 05, 2021
SRP: $3.99


(W) Pat Shand (A/CA) Manuel Preitano
As Gia’s execution order processes, she prepares for a date with Logan… who is also secretly seeing Lilith, the woman Gia is destined to kill. Meanwhile, a frustrated Augusten tries to get some action at home, but finds his husband in a less-than-ideal situation.
In Shops: May 05, 2021
SRP: $3.99

(W) Matteo Pizzolo (A/CA) Anna Wieszczyk
“The embodiment of what Black Mask is all about as a publisher: Bold, visceral storytelling unconcerned with being pinned down in one genre or category.” (-Syfy Wire)
While being vivisected by The Republic, Tommy astrally projects into Outer City to search for Halfpipe–but instead he meets Bones, a fierce witch who reveals a new peril.
In Shops: May 26, 2021
SRP: $3.99


(W) Patrick Meaney (A/CA) Eric Zawadzki
What if the Big Bang was not the first of its kind? And, more importantly, not the last?
“Fantastically weird sci-fi.” (-Outright Geekery)
From visionary artist Eric Zawadzki (THE DREGS, ETERNAL) and rising writer Patrick Meaney (who got his start as the documentarian behind Neil Gaiman: Make Good Art, She Makes Comics, and Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods), LAST BORN is a cosmological adventure that’ll twist your noggin with its thrillingly mindbending tale of apocalyptic hope-punk.
“Big cosmic ideas… goes from the dawn of time to the end of humanity with a lot of stops in between.” (-USA Today)
Her whole life, Julia has yearned for adventure, and when she falls through a rupture in spacetime, she finally gets her wish.
Collects issues 1-4.
In Shops: TBD
SRP: $16.99


(W) Matteo Pizzolo (A) ludeshka, Creees Hyunsung Lee
Back when Warner Brothers first released the GODKILLER animated film, Matteo Pizzolo (CALEXIT) & Ana Ludeshka created the standalone digital comic series spinoff THE LONG KNIVES. Never released in print and out of digital circulation for years, THE LONG KNIVES has retained its cult status as a twisted tale of body horror and dark mysticism–as well as the origin of Nero (who appears in YOUNG TERRORISTS and the upcoming BILLIONAIRE KILLERS) and Bird (who returns in GODKILLER: TOMORROW’S ASHES).

Black Mask is proud to bring The Long Knives to print for the first time with this beautifully crafted series of hardcover graphic novellas. Though its been in the works for over a year, this edition now feels oddly prescient… with its story set during a pandemic lockdown and governmental coup, this character-driven horror feels more vibrant and keyed into life today than when it was first created. It’s not about a pandemic or a coup, those are just realities of its characters’ lives… a world suddenly eerily relatable.

Amid a deadly pandemic, children are suddenly disappearing… and the murderous gang abducting them may just be humanity’s last hope.

This bi-monthly hardcover series also features a brand-new serialized comic “Nero & Bird” written by Matteo Pizzolo, illustrated by Creees Lee.
In Shops: May 26, 2021
SRP: $16.99


(CA) Alexis Zirritt
“The series drips cosmic craziness… a fantastic blend of psychedelic color schemes and science fiction. It feels like a love letter to Kirby and psychedelic 70s rock posters.” (-Graphic Policy)
It’s been twenty years since the riders defeated the DESTROYER GOD OF EVIL and saved the galaxy.
But when THE MOTHER OF ALL EVIL GODS appears and threatens to take control of every dimension and every strain of possible reality, the now cybernetically-enhanced ex-riders will come together and travel into her mind to ASSASSINATE HER SOUL!
It’s a suicidal mission into an infinite vortex of blood and death!
Collects issues 1-4.
In Shops: May 26, 2021
SRP: $16.99


(W) Kwanza Osajyefo (A) Jamal Igle (CA) Khary Randolph
President Mann continues to position his son Thaddeus’ FIRST SON armor as a program to countermeasure the growing empowered Black population. Juncture deploys King Squad to spy on them at a celebrity gala, but an overzealous X crashes the party costing the team dearly.
Special appearance by Eli Franklin from AMERICA’S SWEETHEART!
Limited to 2,500.
In Shops: May 19, 2021
SRP: $3.99 Comics NewsSolicitations
ALICE IN LEATHERLAND #2 (MR) MAR211157 (W) Iolanda Zanfardino (A/CA) Elisa Romboli Alice will get a hearty taste of the San Francisco life, and along the way she'll learn a few new things: Just because her whole world falls apart, doesn't mean she can't build something exciting from scratch--like two new passionate...