Black Blossom #1-5

The Black Blossom is an all-ages superhero comic that takes itself seriously, with a writing style inspired by Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Spiderman, and a tone similar to Bruce Timm’s Justice League Unlimited animated series. Meet Michi Hidaka, a female pacific islander protagonist who dons a super-suit with powers and abilities that are a mix of Venom and Ironman! Join her as she starts her superhero career and confronts her very perception of reality!

The Black Blossom #1

One Fierce Flower! In this opening issue, the Black Blossom shows what she can do, by stopping a daring armed robbery! But where she ends up in the end, might just take her to a place she’d never thought she’d go.

The Black Blossom #2

Attack of the Lizard People! After being shanghaied, the Black Blossom comes face to face with a mystery, as well as her greatest fear!

The Black Blossom #3

From Beyond the Stars! Examining their new prisoner, Black Blossom and the team make some surprising discoveries, including the arrival of an all-new menace!

The Black Blossom #4

Ascension! Black Blossom has been captured by the forces of a shadow group known as Ascension! Now their sinister leader reveals his plans to our hero.

The Black Blossom #5

The Door Opens! Black Blossom has no choice but to play along with Alistair Morgan’s scheme, but in the process, will she unleash forces that will change her forever?

The Black Blossom #6

Hard Questions. Reeling from her previous adventure in Issue #5, Michi grapples with confusion, as her perception of reality has been flipped upside down! Meanwhile, trouble brews in her old stomping grounds of Oahu Hawaii, and a new villain emerges!

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