Birdwatcher — The Board Game


Players will be photographing birds, placing them consecutively in their photo journal and competing for the most citation points.

Players also score points by collecting the most unique insects in their journal, for having the most publications, for having the most Sicklebills, and for having the greatest variety of bird species in their journal at the end of the game.

Each turn, players may take up to three of any of the five actions: take a photo and place it in your photo journal, bird call all of the same species from the jungle and clearing to your tree, run into the jungle and create a new selection of birds, zoom lens another player’s bird from their tree into your photo journal or publish.

For a four player game, the game ends when a single player has 14 cards in their photo journal.

The player with the most citation points in their photo journal is awarded the global geographic photographer award and wins the game!

Illustrated by Lauren Helton, biologist and scientific illustrator with The Institute for Bird Populations in Petaluma, California. Designed by Zakir Jafry, a game designer from Montreal, Canada who has been making games since 2017. And features additional art by German zoologist and naturalist, Ernst Haeckel.

Game available November 2022

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