BIG BANG COMICS continues celebrating the 40th anniversary of Megaton Comics #1

BIG BANG COMICS continues celebrating the 40th anniversary of Megaton Comics #1 with a new mix of its retro, 80’s and brand new characters.

After the critically acclaimed return of The Knights of Justice of Earth-B in Big Bang Adventures #8, three more issues of the series are already uploaded and ready for sale at (digital or print-on-demand).
Artist like Jon D’Henry and Coink Adink continue the Big Bang tradition of artistic pastiche of ghosting classic Golden and Silver Age comics in BBA # 9.

Issue #10 brings Shutterbug, the Insectoid Paparazzi photographer in a confrontation with Ultiman’s nemesis Dexter Cortex, setting up a coming adventure.

And BBA #11 introduces a new character, Vinnie Fresco and brings back a fan favorite from Megaton and Image fame: VANGUARD!
On top of that, Big Bang’s new group of super-powered characters, ANOMALIES, a new generation who were mutated by their parents’ reaction to Ultiman’s meteor, graduated into its own series after first appearing in BBA #7.
All that you can read for only $.99 each!!

BIG BANG ADVENTURES #9 The Knight Watchman and Kid Galahad face off against the deadly Killer Shark! Plus, Erik Larsen’s Mighty Man and Captain Tootsie find themselves in a conflict with aliens from outer space. And finally, the Master of the Macabre, Dr. Weird is engaged in a battle with an elemental demon for the soul of an innocent little girl. Gary S. Carlson, Jon D’Henry, Coink Adink, Edward DeGeorge, Ron Williams, Glenn Whitmore Standard ComicFull ColorPage Count: 32

BIG BANG ADVENTURES # 10 The high-flying Shutterbug becomes Public Enemy #1 when Dexter Cortex, the man who uploaded his brain into the internet takes control of the alien technology in SB’s suit. Then, in a blast from Ultiman’s past, his grown up daughter Christie arrives as Ultrawoman from the future to foil a plot by Cortex to alter time. And Speed Queen, the vixen of velocity runs into a gang of crooks that learned to teleport in this Golden Age tale. Gary S. Carlson, Ron C. Williams, Gianluca Cerritelli, Glenn Whitmore Standard ComicFull ColorPage Count: 32

BIG BANG ADVENTURES # 11 Vinnie Fresco was a warrior from the planet Vakarra in another dimension, who came to Earth to prepare it for an invasion by his people. Instead, Vinnie fell in love with all of the creative arts of Earth and became a Renaissance Man writing, drawing, painting, composing music. You name it, he has explored it. In his spare time, he has stopped numerous attacks by his own people and others. Now, he finds himself facing one of his world’s fiercest enemies; a Nyjerran warrior who has been on Earth since ancient Egyptian times. And to make matters even worse, that battle attracts the attention of another alien named Vanguard, who has been sent to Earth to protect it from other aliens. Gary Carlson, Cesar Madarro, Glenn Whitmore Standard ComicBlack & WhitePage Count: 32

ANOMALIES # 1 Welcome to a brand NEW chapter in the ongoing history of Big Bang Comics. Follow the origins of the Children of the Meteor and discover what their connection is to the very beginnings of the Big Bang Universe. Where did they come from? Are they friends or foes? Who do they work for? Why has one of them been kidnapped by a mysterious organization called T.A.R.O.T.? What is the secret of Element K? Anya, Sam and Matt are lead by Doctor Isinglass to locate and extract Victor Stalina a.k.a. Richter, from the bowels of T.A.R.O.T. Island. Just when things are looking up, they meet their next hurtle The Spoilers! Chris Ecker, Ron Charles Williams, Glenn Whitmore, Gary Carlson Standard ComicFull ColorPage Count: 24


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