A wordless tale of love, romance and outer space war meets Romeo and Juliet with galactic proportions!

Writer(s): Art Baltazar
Artist Name(s): Art Baltazar
Cover Artist(s): Art Baltazar
96 pgs./ E / FC

A tale of love without words, BIG ALIEN MOON CRUSH is a Romeo and Juliet space opera for all-ages. This standalone story is the perfect entry point to the aliens of the AW YEAH COMICS UNIVERSE. Written and illustrated by New York Times best-selling, Eisner award-winning, famous cartoonist Art Baltazar, this is the perfect story for fans of Tiny Titans, Encounter and Itty Bitty Hellboy.

BIG ALIEN MOON CRUSH is the latest addition to Action Lab’s Discover imprint, perfect for readers getting into comics. In this graphic novel, alien planets are at war, but a forbidden love between two natural born enemies may just save the universe! Yes, the love between Nix and Vera could save their planets and end the war, but their dads may just put a stop to it!

Art’s standalone story is filled with awesome sequential artwork featuring big, bright, cartoony aliens characters and creatures. “I had the story of BIG ALIEN MOON CRUSH in my sketchbook for years!” Art comments. “It feels great to finally bring the tale of Nix and Vera’s romance to the masses. These are exciting times for creator projects! I think my fans of Earth will dig this!”

BIG ALIEN MOON CRUSH will be out this June 2019. Pre-order with Diamond item code APR191295.

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