Biff Stone, Monster Hunter for Hire: Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek at some design work for one of our new titles. We love spotlighting truly obscure characters from the Golden Age of Comics and they don’t get much more obscure than Biff Stone, Monster Hunter for Hire.

Biff appeared only once in a seven-page story in 1951’s Hand of Fate #21 from Ace Comics. We’re keeping the name and the modus operandi, but notably reworking the character. The original Biff was something of an unredeemable jerk, but our version will be more of a roguish scamp. And early on, we’ll be explaining why –even though the book has a contemporary setting– he dresses like Lee Majors circa 1977.

Fate, the title character from Hand of Fate, will be a major supporting character.

These designs are by Steven Butler, but the comic itself will be written and colored by Barry Gregory with art by Del Barras

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