BEST REVIEW EVER: Zombie Tramp #13

zombie-tramp-13TITLE: ZOMBIE TRAMP #13
PUBLISHER: Action Lab Comics
WRITER: Dan Mendoza
COVER: Dan Mendoza
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: As Janey makes her way to Florida for vengeance, she’s offered a chance at forgiveness to one of those that wronged her and set her on her twisted path.
COMMENTS: “Unholy Reunions” Do you ever whish you could get even with the people who were mean to you in High School? Janey runs into Chcuk Dusey who raped her and her friend Trish at a party when they were in high school together. Trish hung herself afterwards. Mean girl Sissy Prissy made funny of Trish and is now Chucks wife. When Chuck and Sissy invite Janey over for dinner to show her how they have found Jesus and forgiven themselves for they way they treated her. Only Janey hasn’t forgiven them, and in graphic detail Janey exacts her revenge.

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