TITLE: Zero Medal #1
PUBLISHER: Medalha Zero
WRITER: Rogerio Ferraz da Silva
ILLUSTRATOR: Rogerio Ferraz da Silva
BACKGROUND ARTISTS: Fernando Franco & Rosinaldo J. Lages
ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Aelita Kusmenkovsky
COVER: Rogerio Ferraz da Silva
SUMMARY: “At First Sight” Garra and Pandora’s first adventure. In this issue, Garra, a creature created in an alien laboratory by using human DNA and tiger DNA, is sent to planet Earth to kill a young policewoman named Pandora and retrieve the Universe Medal she just got from a strange unidentified biker. Mystery surrounds the relationship between the Garra alien creator called Dr. Mente, an old rival known only as Beta, and the missing Pandora’s brother.
COMMENTS: An alien, Doctor Mente, creates Garra, a creature formed by combining Human DNA with Tiget DNA. Garra has a very human girlfriend Pandora and together they set off on a sci-fi adventure filled with aliens, robots, supervillains, and funny animals. It reads like a cartoon. It is very similar to Miraculous in style. It is a fun all-ages comic for the entire famliy sent in Brazil. Well worth the two dollars.

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