Best Review Ever! VALIANT HIGH #2

TITLE: Valiant High #2 (of 4)
WRITER: Daniel Kibblesmith
COLORS: David Baron
LETTERS: Simon Bowland
EDITOR: Lauren Hitzhusen
COVER: David Lafuente
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: Welcome back to Valiant High! The big homecoming dance looms ever closer for Amanda, Faith, Pete, and everyone else at Valiant High. Will Charlene get her revenge on Amanda for embarrassing her via text to her crush? And will Faith finally reappear? But most importantly: will Amanda pass her practical driving exam – and will she survive Bloodball (Coach Bloodshot’s vicious, powers-allowed version of dodgeball) without her bestie’s help?
COMMENTS: What if the Valiant Universe existed inside Riverdale High? That is the question here. If you are a fan of Archie and a fan of Valiant this is clearly a comic you can’t miss. The art is by Derek Charm of Jughead fame so that really gives this comic an Archie Comics feel. In this alternate Valiant Universe, the heroes are broken up into to faculty and students. Dr. Miage is a Teacher, Bloodshot is the Gym Coach and Toyo Harada is the school Principal, and everyone else is a student. The Eternal Warrior becomes the Eternal Sophmore, etc. The kids are learning to be heroes but with all the teen angst that goes with high school. It a fun and different take on some classic characters. I really enjoyed the story so far and well worth checking out. There are plenty of moments to appreciate for long time Valiant fans and it should still be fun if you haven’t read Valiant before.

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