WRITER: Luis Roldán Torquemada
ILLUSTRATOR: Mariano Eliceche
COLORS: Angel Lidon
LETTERS: Luis Roldán Torquemada
COVER: Mariano Eliceche
PRICE: $19.99
SUMMARY: Dozens of people from all across the United States suddenly find themselves recalling random things: song lyrics, places, and events that seem to have been erased from both collective memory and recorded history. Fearing the spread of a virus-like plague, a mysterious group known as “The Handlers” is tasked with hunting and destroying those who recollect. But, does the end justify the means? And what if you were the one whose mind was unwittingly filled with things you shouldn’t remember? Things You Shouldn’t Remember serves up a cocktail of adventure, horror, and humor in a story that will keep you guessing… and make you wonder if your own memories should be trusted.
COMMENTS: I got the first chapter in what will be collected into a trade paperback from Darby Pop this August. Luis Roldán Torquemada tells the story of Marc Royles. Marc is a guy to remembers things he has no right to know. Much like the movie Total Recall, latent memories come to the surface. Marc is a professional poker player and when it picks up Monic Young in a bar he gets more than he bargained for. He gets retribution for beating a man at cards who doesn’t like to loose. While waiting for his death. Marc sings a song he shouldn’t remember and Tom Evans (No, not Captain Canuck) rescues him. But it might not be the rescue he was hoping for because Tom is a Handler who eliminated people who remember things erased from the collective memory.
John Pellman and Paul Conway are also Handlers who suppress memories. When people remember things they shouldn’t remember John Pellman and Paul Conway kill them Pulp Fiction style; even if the person appears to offer no threat to anyone. So you assume Tom Evans will either kill Marc for remembering a song he shouldn’t remember, or the two of them will join forces to oppose the group that is trying to hide something from the entire world. It is a well-crafted tale of intrigue that leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. Mariano Eliceche’s art was a perfect choice for the story, the figures are well drawn and the action is crisp, but the best part is the mundaneness Matiano conveys when John and Paul kill, it’s just a job, nothing more. I was hooked and wanted to know more when the first issue ended. From the solicitations it appears the comic will be collected into an original graphic novel and the reader will not have the same cliffhanger I did, waiting for issue two. It’s a fun compelling story that reads like a movie, highly recommended.

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