Best Review Ever! THE COVENANT #1

PUBLISHER: Image Comics
WRITER: Rob Liefeld
COLORS: Jeremy Colwell
LETTERS: Chris Eliopous
COVER: Rob Liefeld
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: In ancient times there was no weapon more devastating than The Ark of The Covenant, containing a power that collapsed enemy nations and destroyed hostile invaders. The Philistine army, led by General Thane, seeks to crush the Israelites as they populate the surrounding territories. A bold move on the field of battle robs the Israelites of their mythical weapon, empowering their most deadly enemy. A young priest, Samuel, determines to steal back the Ark and assembled a group of mercenaries to aid him in the most daring raid in history. An untold tale of the Bible that shifted the balance of power in history.
COMMENTS: To me Rob Liefeld is the John Cena of comic. If your not a wrestling fan you may not get the reference.
John Cena, sells more merchandise then any other wrestler. He has been wrestling for many years and loves the sport. Despite this, every time he goes to the ring, half the fans yell “Lets Go Cena!” and right afterwards the other half of the crowd yells “Cena Sucks!”. If this was really a fifty/fifty split he wouldn’t sell so much merchandise but the haters are more vocal then the casual fans who support him. If you meet him in person he is actual a really nice guy.
Likewise. Rob Liefeld sells comics, not matter what anyone says, he sells comics for DC, Marvel and Image and they have all trusted him with important properties and he has delivered sales dollars. He has been producing comics for many years and loves comics. Despite this, every time someone says something about him on the internet, half the fans type “I love Liefeld’s work” and right afterwards the other half of the fans typ “Liefeld Sucks!”. If this was really a fifty/fifty split he wouldn’t sell so many comics but the haters are more vocal then the casual fans who support him. If you meet him in person he is actual a really nice guy.
So now I am going to tell people that Covenant was a good comic, and facebook and twitter will light up with “Liefeld Sucks!”. I actually don’t understand the haters. If you don’t like his work, don’t buy it. Where does this passion for the anger towards someone you don’t actually know come from?
Enough of all that, lets get to the story. Its a bible inspired story, about the Jews and the Philistine fighting over the city of Shiloh, where the Ark of the Covenant resides. For you non-religious types, think Raider of the Lost Ark. Samuel is the last priest of Israel, apparently a warrior priest. His job is to return the lost Ark in what appears to be a flashforward at the beginning of the comic.
The Old Testament if full of an eye for an eye justice and this is as violent as one would expect from an Old Testament inspired story. The story is part bible and part Conan, Rob’s father was a Baptist Minister so I will yield to his superior biblical knowledge. There are a lot of characters to introduce and there is a short introduction for each of them. The introductions and the history of the Ark are important to understand the story, especially if you aren’t proficient in biblical history, but they do slow down the action. There are a few things to don’t seem to fit, but none of them are overly important and will not contribute to your overall enjoyment of the story. We establish Samuel as the hero and and define his place in his society. The reader what is at risk and why we should care. We are preconditioned to support the Judaeo-Christian team and they are presented well. Although were shouldn’t like the Pagans it was cool to see the giants and the body paint.
Ultimately we will see a showdown between Samuel and Dekani and this first issue is mostly set up for that battle.
I enjoyed the story and I think you will too and I am looking forward to the next issue.
If you happen to be a Liefield hater there are things for you to pick on too, of course you have to buy the book to find them which of course if the ultimate irony.

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