Best Review Ever! SUPERBABES #3

WRITER: Mark G. Heike, back-up Chris Irving
PENCILS: Mark G. Heike, back-up Sylvan Varreau & Mark G. Heike
INKS: Mark G. Heike, back-up Jeff Austin
COLORS: Stephanie Heike, back-up Gary Carlson
LETTERS: Stephanie Heike, back-up uncredited
EDITOR: Mark G. Heike
COVER: Heike2
PRICE: $5.95
SUMMARY: In an offbeat, untold story out of the past, an inexperienced SYNN faces a reprobate who has stumbled on the ULTIMATE POWER in “Come And See Uncle Jon’s Band”- a FEMFORCE story like no other!! PLUS- the eerie ORIGIN of the hideous villainess GORGANA!!
COMMENTS: “Come And See Uncle Jon’s Band” In a AC Universe version of the Greatful Dead, front man Gary
Jarcia gets superpowers and uses them against bassist Bob Strainge, which attracts the attention of the FBI. Synn the Girl from L.S.D. shows up to solve the mystery in a tale set in 1972.
“Alien Intentions” this is a reprint from FemForce #135, Mar 2006. Stardust fights a giant robot that has escaped from Area 51, leaving her at odds with the military. Who doesn’t like superheroes vs. Giant Robots?

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