BEST REVIEW EVER! Robyn Hood Cult of the Spider-Queen

TITLE: Robyn Hood: Cult of the Spider-Queen
PUBLISHER: Zenescope
WRITER: Joe Brusha
ILLUSTRATOR: Babisu Kourtis
COLORS: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
LETTERS: Taylor Esposito
EDITOR: Kellie Supplee
COVER: Igor Vitotino
PRICE: $5.99
SUMMARY: People are going missing in Manhattan. As Robyn investigates these strange disappearances, she discovers that they are rumored to be tied to the mysterious Spider Cult. The deeper Robyn digs into the cult’s activities, the more dangerous she realizes they are. And at the center of their web may well be the most terrifying threat she has ever faced… the deadly and evil Spider Queen.
COMMENTS: This is an interesting cross-genre comic. Robyn Hood feels like Hawkey, set in a horror universe but the overall story has an old-style pulp vibe to it. Robyn’s costume seems more realistic than many in the Zenescope universe that usually features women in far less clothing. There was a realistic movement to the action and Robyn was masked in the 2021 COVID style with her nose and mouth covered. The spider shot webs out its butt, and a lot of little touches made this comic more fun. I’m not sure what my expectations were going into this comic but I was pleasantly surprised. Like everything from Zenescope the art was first class.

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