rrh3TITLE: RRH #3
PUBLISHERDevil’s Due/1First Comics
WRITER: Orlando Harding
ILLUSTRATOR: Andres Esparza
COLORS: Steve Cobb
LETTERS: Ed Dukeshire
EDITOR: Ken Levin
COVER: Andres Esparza
PRICE: $9.99



No summary until December 2015 solicitations


Continuing from issue 2—held captive at the hands of Ag—but, Sydney is no cowering victory and though disadvantaged, fights back. She’s a badass.

Fairy Tale inspired comics; tv shows; and movies, are very popular. The story of Little Red Riding Hood is an old one—and, changing the wolf into a werewolf isn’t much of a stretch. But, make him an ogre…

Solomon, assuming the role of sidekick, brings Sydney home to assist her in the real world—still bruised form battle and not out of danger—no way she could defend herself; and not being able to carry weapons to school leaves her no choice… btws, thanks for fixing the thing I didn’t like in issue 2… and, similarly to her parents, also curious why she’d get into a car with a stranger…

The writers let the characters have a little fun with, “Come with me if you want to live.”  For me, this adds a layer of amusement at the recognition.

I’d also like to point out, in this issue, Andres Esparza works alone. And, there is a visible difference—jagged and scratchy—like, Curiel muted his tone. Considering the classic monster elements of this series, the grittier art adds to that look. And; rather preferable.

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