Best Review Ever! PUNCHLINE #2

PUBLISHER: Antarctic Press
WRITER: Bill Williams
ILLUSTRATOR: Matthew Weldon
COLORS: Tiago Barsa
LETTERS: Thom Zahler
EDITOR: Megan Sloane
COVER: Matthew Weldon
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: Ice Breaker
When the quiet village of Cornell is terrorized by ice giants, Jessie faces her first real super-powered villain, the evil Mister January. And for a retired ‘hero’ Mel sure is hiding something big.
COMMENTS: Mel begins to train Jessie in this issue and we get to know a little more about Mel. We also get our first superhero slug fest as Jessie battles two Ice Giants. Also, we continue to see Mel spending money like water. Clearly foreshadowing something. Also, Mel is a killer and may not be one of the good guys after all. This is a fun comic and it gives you just enough to satisfy you but still doesn’t let you know exactly what is going on.

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