Best Review Ever! PITIFUL HUMAN LIZARD S4 #2

PUBLISHER: Chapterhouse
WRITER: Fred Kennedy
INKS: Jason Loo
COLORS: Jason Loo
LETTERS: Jason Loo
EDITOR: Allison O’Toole
COVER: Jason Loo
PRICE: $1.99
SUMMARY: The most fearsome – and feathered – criminal to hit the Chapterverse is back! Gull Girl returns as the self-proclaimed Empress of the Galaxy, decimating rebel armies that oppose her and leaving a path of destruction in her wake! Thanks to a higher celestial being, our underdog vigilante becomes the only hope this galactic crisis needs!
COMMENTS: One of my favorite aspects of Pitiful Human-Lizard is how the mundane can be interesting.  He is pitiful and he tries really hard to be a good hero but he is just you or me. The way I wish they did Spider-man. Here we have the return of Gull Girl, which was my least favorite story to date. We mix Gull Girl with Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Star Wars and get a story that the Human-Lizard should not be involved in, in my opinion. I was really looking forward to him trying to support himself as a superhero and instead we got a space opera, that doesn’t fit into the current storyline.

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