Best Review Ever! NORTHGUARD S2 #4

PUBLISHER: Chapterhouse
WRITER: Anthony Falcone, Aaron Feldman
ILLUSTRATOR: Sergio Carrera
IMKS: Federico Iglesias
COLORS: Vaneda Vireak
LETTERS: Andrew Thomas
EDITOR: Allison O’Toole
COVER: Cian Tormey
PRICE: $1.99
SUMMARY: The Chapterverse continues! Beaten and bloody, Northguard is up against an army of unstoppable foes who want him dead. To make matters worse, his uni-band – the source of his powers – is broken, and his only partner is a man who hates his guts. Mondays, am I right?
COMMENTS: Northguard finds inspiration in the word of Hammer of all people and realizes what is really important to him. He concludes his  battle with Aurora Dawn and decides he doesn’t have to choose sides between the Equilibrium and PACT. All the loose ends are tied up and everything is set up for the next season of Northguard.

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