Best Review Ever! NIGHT STALKER HC

PUBLISHER: 1First Comics
WRITER: Orlando Harding
ILLUSTRATOR: David R. Miller, Jr.
COLORS: Paul Little and Steve Cobb
LETTERS: Kel Nuttall
EDITOR: Ken F. Levin
COVER: John Gallagher
PRICE: $19.99
SUMMARY: The very worst that Hell has to offer have escaped the depths and are now in hiding and posing as human beings on Earth. Dyana, the most vicious and insidious bounty hunter known has been charged to served absconder warrants. She must stalk, capture, and drag each creature back to the depths while simultaneously batting the forces of light.
COMMENTS: Dyana is a kickass, supernatural bounty hunter charged with traveling through time to bring in escapees from Hell. It’s a fun story.  If you like Spawn, this is kind of a female version of Spawn. When you read the story you can tell this was a series of single stories put together for the hardcover. Each story is individual and they do not connect to one another. It is not a bad thing, but it is noticeable that it is not one complete story. The slave girl time travel section was too brief as was the future section. I also didn’t understand why Dyana had the laptop from Hell and then the denizens of Hell didn’t want to use it to communicate with her. Also, why are there rats at lunch all the time?  Having said all that, Dyana was a real badass bitch who fills the pages with some stunning action. She rides a giant spider, has a creepy demon sidekick, and sends creatures to Hell! It’s good for fans of Spawn, Lady Death, and Tarot. More PG-13 than Lady Death, and Tarot but still similar in style.

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