PUBLISHER: Lev Gleason/Comic House
WRITER: Kenny Porter, Andrew Wheeler, Adrien Benson, Charles Brio
ILLUSTRATOR: Iñaki Azpiazu, Juan Samu, Esteban Calvi, Charles Brio
COLORS: Vaneda Vireak
LETTERS: Andrew Wheeler
EDITOR: Keith WTS Morris, Josh Rose
COVER: Stefan Tosheff
PRICE: $9.99
SUMMARY: “The Greatest Name in Comics” Daredevil: Season 1 Issue 1 by Kenny Porter and Iñaki Azpiazu; Freelance: Season 2 Issue 2 by Andrew Wheeler and Juan Samu; Canuck Beyond: Season 1 Issue 3 by Adrien Benson and Esteban Calvi; plus a classic archive adventure featuring the Golden Age Daredevil! Each Mega-Sized Issue contains a new #1 issue, as well as at least two new 20-page stories continuing from the Comic House, shared universe!
COMMENTS: The last issue I was getting into Silver Streek and Captain Canuck unfortunately neither of them return this issue. I would have liked to see these stories continue. Daredevil seemed disjointed and I couldn’t figure out why he had off half the time and why it would come off and go back on during the fight. Characters were not introduced well, we will see how the story transpired as it keeps going. Freelance was back and we get some more of the backstory. This story had lots of action and was very well put together. The additional information about the heroes was both welcome and exciting. I was not a fan of Beyond originally, the addition of Tom Evans makes me follow along, I would prefer a story about Tom Evans as Captain Canuck in Canada. It kind of reminds me of the Batman out of time when Batman was trying to get back to the present. Last was the classic Daredevil story. It was a fun story, much like the last issue it could use a recoloring for the reprint, the colors appear grainy. All in all a fun comic well worth the ten bucks.

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