PUBLISHER: Lev Gleason/Comic House
WRITER: Keith Champagne, Ho Che Anderson, Andrew Wheeler, Ralph Johns
ILLUSTRATOR: Stefan Tosheff, Felipe Cuhna, Juan Samu, Ralph Johns
COLORS: Donovan Yaciuk
LETTERS: Andrew Wheeler
EDITOR: Keith WTS Morris, Allison O’Toole, Josh Rose
COVER: Stefan Tosheff
PRICE: $9.99
SUMMARY: Lev Gleason’s Comic House returns to super-hero publishing after 75 years with Lev Gleason Presents #1. This series jumpstarts with Silver Streak: Season 1 Issue 1 by Keith Champagne (Stranger Things) and Stefan Tosheff (Minerva’s Map); Freelance: Season 2 Issue 1 by Andrew Wheeler (Wonder Woman) and Juan Samu (Black Panther); Captain Canuck: Season 5 Issue 3 by Ho Che Anderson (KING) and Felipe Cunha (Cult Classic); plus a classic archive adventure featuring the Golden Age Silver Streak! Each mega-sized issue will contain a brand-new #1 issue as well as at least two NEW 20-page stories continuing from the Comic House shared universe! Included in each issue are download codes for digital copies of each issue featured.
COMMENTS: I love anthology comics. This is the first chapter for Silver Streak. This isn’t your Father’s Silver Streak. At least I don’t think it is. You never get a good feel for Silver Streek’s real name, which is one of the many nods to the original Golden Age version of the hero. It was fun and light-hearted, despite the fact that it dealt with loan sharks, corrupt religious officials, and bone breakers. Next up is the continuing saga of Darrin Oak the replacement Captain Canuck and Kebec. We get a little bit of Tom Evans in flashback and of course, Tom is why we buy Comic House Comics in the first place so it was good to see him for a few pages. We have an exciting adventure with portable teleporters and it helps develop the bond between Kebec, Darrin, and the team. After that, we get the first chapter of Freelance season two. Freelance is another revival Golden Age superhero. We deal with anthropomorphic manatees and sharks. I always enjoy anthropomorphic sharks. I’ve never seen the manatee version done in comics before, but it’s all about the Verschlinger vs. Freelance. Tasha and John join Freelance as always to fill out the dysfunctional team. Lance Valiant battle Sabre is a fight that feels like it has real stakes. Lastly, we have a Golden Age reprint of Silver Streek. The story was fun and it felt important to see the original character in action. However, the coloring was poor. I understand it’s a Golden Age print but since it was flat colors it would have been nice if it had been recolored in flat colors to remove the graininess. Considering we get 4 full-length comics for the price of 2 the package was a pretty good deal. Recomended.

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