Best Review Ever! JOHN KIRBY: FIREFOX #1

TITLE: John Kirby: Firefox #1
PUBLISHER: Will Lill Comics
WRITER: Warren Montgomery
ILLUSTRATOR: Lee Melton & Luis Rivera
COLORS: Warren Montgomery
LETTERS: Warren Montgomery
EDITOR: Mark F. Davis
COVER: Ron Stewart
PRICE: $3.99 (print), 99¢ (digital)
SUMMARY: A fallen warrior, Firefox, falls to earth and finds an unwilling John Kirby to merge with to help save his planet from Omega Doma, and stop her from collecting all the 8th Waves.
COMMENTS: I hadn’t seen John Kirby: Fire Fox before. I know this is the first issue and we probable ran a preview, but this comic was all new to me with no expectations going in. I am a fan of Heroic Publishing and have done a number of their reviews. This is the same old school feel and if you ever like of those stories I recommended you will like this one too. It is a classic 80’s style comic story. A totally old school feel from beginning to end. You have John as the every-man. He is brought into a world of green skinned aliens, robots and super powers. This is only the first part of the first story arc but it’s off to a good start.

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