Best Review Ever! INSPECTOR OH #1

inspector-oh_01_page_01TITLE: INSPECTOR OH #1

PUBLISHER: Devil’s Due/1First Comics
WRITER: Matt Yuan
COLORS: Matt Yuan
EDITOR: Ken Levin
COVER: Matt Yuan & John Yuan
PRICE: $4.99
SUMMARY: Follow exorcist Inspector Oh and his intrepid niece Ziyi as they travel through ancient China, battling supernatural menaces wherever they may find them. Their first adventure finds Oh robbed of his memories and trapped in Hell. Will Ziyi be able to rescue him or is he doomed forever?
COMMENTS: This is a cute story about Inspector Oh, Ziyi and Rock. We get to meet these characters and find out the Inspector Oh is completely crazy, Ziyi is fearless and Rock is…, well he is a rock. Yes, one of the characters is a talking rock that can turn into other stuff and some of that stuff and help save the day. To start off this adventure Inspector Oh has to escape death, and how could anyone do this without their niece and a rock? The story is fun, silly and exposes you to Chinese folklore. It was a fun and funny start. If you like slapstick comedy you will like this comic. If you enjoy Serving Supes you will love this comic. The Yuan brothers have done it again!

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