Best Review Ever! HORROR COMICS #3

PUBLISHER: Antarctic Press
WRITER: Bradley Golden
ILLUSTRATOR: Andrey Lunatik & Mickey Clausen
COLORS: Mickey Clausen
LETTERS: Hector Negrete
EDITOR: Ben Dunn
COVER: Helmut Racho
VARIANT COVER: David Hutchison
PRICE: $3.99 variant $9.99
SUMMARY: “Cold Blooded, Part 3”
In the final part of this chilling triple-scoop of terror, homicidal ice cream vendor Thomas Wright finds his stepson Brian at the local elementary school with the intent to kill him. Detectives Sarah McKinney and Benjamin Dunne are close on his tail, but can they reach him in time to save Brian from a frigid fate?
COMMENTS: We do a feature on this site called Comic Book Cats if you enjoy that you will hate this comic! The story follows a serial killer named Tommy. We start off when Tommy as a kid, and his brutal murder of a house cat! The cat’s head is cut off and put on a dartboard. The cat is then cut up and turned into ice cream. It is really off-putting. We are followed up three years later when it’s the murder of a human also turned into ice cream and the human flavored ice cream is sold to unsuspecting customers from an ice cream truck. The story is not my type of story, much more graphic violence than I would prefer but it is really well done and is an interesting study of a serial killer. If you like gore movies or graphic horror stories this is the comic for you.

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