BEST REVIEW EVER! Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends Quarterly Dark Princess

TITLE: Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends Quarterly: Dark Princess
PUBLISHER: Zenescope
WRITER: Joe Brusha
ILLUSTRATOR: Rodrigo Xaiver
COLORS: Maxflan Araujo and Robby Bevard
LETTERS: Taylor Esposito
EDITOR: Dave Franchini
COVER: Edgar Salazar
PRICE: $5.99
SUMMARY: For centuries evil forces have sought to take control of the realms of power and thus rule the nexus that connects; Earth. The Dark One and his Horde, The Order of Tarot, Merlin and his evil Knights have all been defeated by the Earth’s Guardian and heroes, and the Realm Knights who protect Neverland, Oz, Wonderland and Myst. But from the ashes of those sects rises a new threat…one that is more deadly than all of them combined…The Dark Princess has come to the realms of power and she will not fail to enslave all that is good like those who came before her.
COMMENTS: The Dark Princes lives in the lands of fairy tales. It’s an odd land if you aren’t a Zenesope regular but it is made up of mystic creatures from Neverland, Oz, Wonderland etcetera, but at the same time, this is a horror comic and a bad girl comic. There are cults and demons as part of the witches and warlock action. If you like that kind of thing this is really the comic for you. Zenescope always has top-notch sexy girls, but this issue’s are although good was not great.

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