BEST REVIEW EVER! Gray Cells preview

PUBLISHER: Inked Dreams
WRITER: Lawrence Goodman
COLORS: Corey Ranson
LETTERS: Nikki Powers
SUMMARY: David Fincher’s Se7en crossed with X-Men’s Shadow King. A 130-page supernatural/neo-noir thriller. A cross between Stranger Things and the Wire, Gray Cells delves into themes of trust, corruption, and apathy. It’s not just the villain that Lina has to wrestle with as she battles her way through the story. The police, the system, and the very institutions of the city are out to stop her.
COMMENTS: Gray Cells centers on journalist Lina Santos who works for the Stonebridge Guardian newspaper in the fictional city of Ashbank. Lina had been working on the entertainment desk, writing fluff articles on celebrities, music, and movie news, when an opportunity of a lifetime comes her way to work the Crime Desk. Josh Glass is abducted from his home while his junkie mother, Cherry Glass, is passed out. This appears to be the work of the Frogman. Frogman is an urban legend among the children of Ashbank. Frogman is a monstrous creature that lures children into his lair where they are never heard from again. He stinks of the river and talks in a strange, lyrical tone that can hypnotize you into doing his bidding. Once the Frogman has you in his sights, there is no escape. Dante Fox has a superpower but it’s unclear if he is on the side of the angels or not. In the preview, you only get the first 23 pages of the 130-page graphic novel. It’s enough to draw you in and want to know more. Is the Frogman real or an urban legend? Why don’t the police care about the three missing kids? Will Lina tell Mike she is pregnant? Enquiring minds want to know.

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