Best Review Ever! FOURTH PLANET #5

PUBLISHER: Chapterhouse
WRITER: Fred Kennedy
ILLUSTRATOR: Miko Maciaszek
EDITOR: Tony White
COVER: Miko Maciaszek
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: The Fourth Planet, a quarterly series written by Fred Kennedy (Host- Teletoon at Night, The Edge) and brilliantly illustrated by Miko Maciaszek, reaches the epic conclusion of their first story arc! Jump on board with this sci-fi epic that has been described as “A song of Space and Fire”. A sure hit with fans of Sci-Fi with complex political and personal examination!
COMMENTS: Sometimes an artist is perfect for the project. Miko Maciaszek should always be doing aliens and space drama. His work here is amazing. This is a wonderful Sci-Fi space drama. This is a comic that will need to re-read in one sitting when all the issues are out, the story is a big epic and each issue only give us a little slice of the drama each issue. We look for the remnants of Sitris as the alien story prgresses. The only thing less then spectacular is the rendering of the humans who could use more detail.

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