Best Review Ever! FANTOMAH #1

PUBLISHER: Chapterhouse
WRITER: Ray Fawkes
LETTERS: Andrew Thomas
EDITOR: Aaron Feldman
COVER: Djibril Morrisette
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: The Chapterverse continues, with this brand new series! 24-year old Paz Gallegos has been holding her family together for years. But when her two sisters go missing and her life begins to unravel, Paz finds herself thrown into a world of gangs, guns… and ghosts. Because something spectral is lurking just below the surface of Paz’s nightmares. Something not afraid to leave a trail of bodies in its wake. Fantomah’s story begins here, in a pulse-pounding first issue brought to you by Ray Fawkes and Soo Lee.
COMMENTS: This is a comic I really wanted to like. Paz is a hispanic charater and with the skull imagery I expected some type of Dia de los Muertos story. At this point I am not sure what happened. I do know that Paz was late picking up her sisters, Maria and Isabel, and I do know they are now missing. Other then that, I’m not sure what’s going on here. Were the girls kidnapped, or did they just take a shortcut home from school. Maybe their Father picked them up. I really can’t tell. I don’t know if Paz is dead or alive at the end of the story and I don’t know if Fantomah is real or imaginary. I don’t know if she is Paz or not. At the end of the first issue all I know is I have more questions then answers. I am sure this will all be explaind in future issues, but at this point I can’t even decide if I liked the story of not becasue I don’t feel I was given enough information in this issue to even make that decision. It may make a wonderful trade paperback but it was a miss as a first issue.

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