Best Review Ever! Convergence: Shazam! #2

Convergence - Shazam! 2TITLE: Convergence: Shazam! #2
WRITER: Jeff Parker
ILLUSTRATOR: Evan “Doc” Shaner
COLORS: Jordie Bellaire
LETTERS: Saida Temofonte
EDITOR: Marie Javins
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Brittany Holzherr
COVER: Evan “Doc” Shaner
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: “Return of the Thunder” The shining city of Fawcett takes on the murky gaslit world of Gotham City as Captain Marvel finds the Victorian-era Batman prepared to take on the mightiest of mortals! At the heart of the battle, a new alliance of villains comes together to destroy the future, and one world will be sent to oblivion…
COMMENTS: There is a lot of craziness in the Shazam pantheon. He has a friend who is a talking Tiger. His enemies include a worm and a little frail old man. His sister conceals her secret identity by using her actual first name. His sidekick Freddie is handicapped, but as a hero is not. and he can’t tell anyone his name without triggering his magical transformation. He has a beloved Uncle who has no super powers, puts on a costume and calls himself Uncle Marvel but at no point did this Uncle take in Billy when he was homeless. I don’t know why they don’t embrace the silliness and own it. Do a completely over the top series. But they don’t.

Here Captain Marvel travels to the Gotham by Gaslight City to fight Batman and ultimately join Batman to fight Mister Atom, An artificially intelligent nuclear-powered robot, who builds a new Monster Society of Evil made up of Batman by Gaslight villains. This is a strong story and it has a real bronze age feel to it. The addition of Bulletman and Bulletgirl is a plus. DC promised a love letter to the fans and if you are a fan of the 70’s Shazam the comic knocks it out of the park. It gives the readers everything they were promised, in a fun and nostalgic way.

It’s everything you want from an Earth-S comic. As a revival of the classic Shazam comic, it’s almost perfect. From the art by Doc Shaner to the story by Jeff Parker it delivered. I wouldn’t have believed that Gotham by Gaslight would cross over well into the Earth-S Universe. But Gotham by Gaslight Killer Croc really belongs in the same universe as Tawky Tawny. In fact, I never realized that Killer Croc was actually a funny animal character until I read this comic. For what it was, it was it wasn’t almost perfect it was perfect and fully deserves a 5-star rating.

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