TITLE: Bloodstrike #1 Remastered Edition
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
STORY: Rob Liefeld
SCRIPT: Eric Stephenson
INKS: Danny Miki and Rob Liefeld
COLORS: Thomas Mason
LETTERS: Kurt Hathaway
COVER: Dan Fraga and Rob Liefeld
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: 1993’s original BLOODSTRIKE #1. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Image Comics with a bloody delightful remastered edition of 1993’s BLOODSTRIKE #1, illustrated by DAN FRAGA and DANNY MIKI over layouts from ROB LIEFELD, dramatically recolored by color wizard THOMAS MASON (X-Men)!
COMMENTS: This is an intersting one. It’s the start of Bloodstirke and the beginning of the Extreme Universe. It features the earlist work from the very talented Dan Fraga with inks by Danny Miki. This is a piece of comic history. Having said all that. What is really striking is how much Rob Liefled puts of himself in this comic. Rob does the layouts, breakdowns and some of the inks. You can’t miss this. It looks exactly like a Rob Liefeld comic. Dan Fraga has a more fluid style, but that may not have been true at this point in his career. Rob has a more angular style. The combination of the two looks more Liefeld and less Fraga. There are a lot of Liefeld signature poses and his feet are unmistakeable and all that is here. It is almost as if Rob penciled the book and Dan Fraga inked it. Then again Rob did breakdowns and then inked over Fraga’s pencils so that may be where that came from. As for the story, it’s a key part of the Extreme Universe. It ties directly to Brigade, which is the comapanion book to Youngblood. It’s a typical 90s team comic full of action and it estabishes Cabbot who has the flip book with Youngblood this week. This was a fun look at the begings of Image.

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