Best Review Ever! BADGER #2

PUBLISHER: Devil’s Due/1First Comics
WRITER: Mike Baron
ILLUSTRATOR: Tony Akins, Val Mayerik, back up Steve Butler
COLORS: Paul Mounts
LETTERS: Willie Schubert
EDITOR: Alex Wald
COVER: Stephen Scott
VARIANT COVER: Bill Reinhold
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: Norbert Sykes (alias Badger) gets sprung from the asylum thanks to the influence of his new best friend, Hamilton Thorndyke, a 4th Century Druid wizard. The housewarming at Ham’s new castle is spoiled by a Russian invasion. It seems the world’s balance of power is shifting and Ham has a deadly new rival, Vladimir Putin! Good thing Ham has a trusty and no less deadly guard-dog, The Badger!
COMMENTS: With issue 2 I was look forward to seeing the Badger in action! We start with Max Swell, Norbert’s gay personality. Here he impersonates the mental institutions interior designer in his attempt to escape from the hospital. The only problem is the real due shows up. Ham hires Daisy Fields and Badger to come live in his home and we meet Dr. Buick Riviera. As Ham says “Give Badger a chance, Dr. Riviera. He’s a multiple personality. You’re bound to like one of them.” Riviera appears to like Max but not the Badger, so this should be interesting as things develop. And then we have Vladimir Putin! For actual Badger action, we have Badger square off against Boris Eustaches, 3 time Pride Fighting Middleweight Champion for MMA fun.

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