Auroraman #1 Cover

PUBLISHER: MiniJeff Productions
STORY: “Heritage Moments: First Flight”
WRITER: Jeff Burton
COLOURS: Donovan Yaciuk
LETTERS: Donovan Yaciuk
STORY: “It Came From Dead Moose Lake”
WRITER: Jeff Burton
COLOURS: Donovan Yaciuk
LETTERS: Taylor Esposito & A. Shay Hahn
STORY: “CBC Presnts”
WRITER: Jeff Burton
ILLUSTRATOR: Corbin & Justin Shauf
COLOURS: Madelyn & Donovan Yaciuk
LETTERS: Julian & Rod Salm
STORY: “Bugs in the Park”
WRITER: Jeff Burton
LETTERS: Elain Will
STORY: “Adventures of Lil’ Auroraman & Friends”
WRITER: Dan Collins
CO-SCRIPT: Jeff Burton
ILLUSTRATOR: Sharon Gauthier
LETTERS: Sharon Gauthier
STORY: “Summer Chill”
WRITER: Jeff Burton
ILLUSTRATOR: Christoper Yao
COLOURS: Donovan Yaciuk
LETTERS: Jeff Burton
STORY: “The 3D Adventure”
WRITER: Jeff Burton
ILLUSTRATOR: Jason Sylvestre
LETTERS: Jason Sylvestre
STORY: “Prelude to a Storm”
WRITER: Jeff Burton
COLOURS: Donovan Yaciuk
LETTERS: Jeff Burton
EDITOR: Martin Boruta
COVER: Gibson Quarter
PRICE: $20.00
SUMMARY: While on a field trip to observe a meteor shower Jeff Burton discovers a wooden staff that is bursting with cosmic power so he does what any mild-mannered school teacher and father would do, he puts it in the local lost and found bin – WAIT! No, he doesn’t, he uses it to become the new Super Power of the Prairies – Auroraman!
STORY 1: “Heritage Moments: First Flight” Just as the story is titled it was the first flight of Auroraman. It was a difficult flight and told the story from a point of view that shows how difficult it might be to understand and control the power of flight. I wondered if Russell is actually one of Jeff’s students in real life.

STORY 2: “It Came From Dead Moose Lake”  Comics have a long love affair with Gorillas in comics. Gorilla Grodd even made it on the Flash TV show. I have to assume the Canadian version of this is the Moose. While I have never seen a moose running through the streets, I have never seen a Gorilla run through the streets. Auroraman is able to defeat the Moose so things seem to be going well so far.

STORY 3: “CBC Presents” This is a one-page child’s school report “My Hero” it’s fun but clearly not long-form storytelling.

STORY 4: “Bugs in the Park” In what is meant to look like an 80’s style comic, Aruroraman finds himself in a living game of Galaga. After fighting off an endless swarm of bugs, Auroraman discovers a Canuck Comet case file left in his car, presumably from the Canuck Comet who is now an old man.

STORY 5: “Adventures of Lil’ Auroraman & Friends” In this story, we get to see Canuck Comet in action as a young man as the junior versions of the Auroman universe go to an evil dance party. Like many of the stories in the comic, it is to be continued, but without an issue two on the horizon this was an interesting choice.

STORY 6: “Summer Chill” In the first real battle with a supervillain Auroman battles Dr. Winterkill Ph.D. She is able to use snowmen to attack Auroman

STORY 7: “The 3D Adventure” The most fun part of this story is it’s in 3D as Auroman battles snowmen.

STORY 8: “Prelude to a Storm”. As the title suggest this is a prelude to Axiom-man/Auroraman. A little background and then to be continued…

All in all, this was a fun collection of short stories many of which were to be continued.

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