Best Graphic Novels and Comics About Sports

It may not come to mind as the first place you think of when seeking best sports stories, maybe you prefer to read something about best betting strategies and tips, but comic books are an excellent medium for telling sports stories because of their dramatic stories and spectacular artwork. 

Numerous production companies have taken advantage of the format’s strengths to portray gripping tales of athletic achievement, rivalry, and camaraderie. These are only a few of the many sports-themed comics out there, but they’re all worth checking out.

It’s also important to note that graphic novels aren’t the same as comic books.

Graphic novels, as their name implies, are novels that are entirely drawn. In a graphic novel, there is an introduction, middle, and conclusion 

Using pictures and words, a comic book tells a chapter of a bigger continuous story. Archie Comics, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics are some of the best-known comic book publishers in the world.

  • Bull on Parade

Michael “Air” Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever and the most influential athlete in history, is the subject of this exhilarating, dynamic biopic from the filmmakers of the critically acclaimed and best-selling 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente. On every full-colour page, Santiago’s ardour for his subject shines through, illuminating Jordan’s public accomplishments and private challenges. It’s a must-read sports story.

  • The Story of Roberto Clemente

At the age of 21, we follow Roberto Clemente as he makes his way from rural Puerto Rico to the big leagues, tracing the highlights of his career (including a World Series victory with the Pirates in 1966, and his 3000th career hit in 1972, during his final official at-bat), as well as his private life and public mission off the field.

In keeping with the story’s themes and characters, the book is illustrated in a gritty cartoon style throughout. One of Major League Baseball’s most fascinating stories is documented in this book, which continues to inspire and motivate young players in Latin America to this very day.

  • Check, Please!

There is no doubt in Eric Bittle’s mind that being a freshman on the Samwell University ice hockey team is going to be an entirely different experience for him. The coed club hockey we had in Georgia is nothing like this! What should be the first order of business? There’s a check (anything that hinders the player with possession of the puck, ranging from a stick check to a physical sweep). In addition, there’s Jack, the ship’s sultry but beautiful skipper.

Check, Please is likely the most successful Kickstarter comics project, having proven the platform as not merely a viable way to fund a comics project, but one that can achieve enormous success.

  • Sports is hell

War may be waged for religious or political reasons, but this one is purely about football. Her city has just won the Super Bowl, and Tea is separated from her friend during the riot that ensues. She now finds herself in the middle of an uprising against the city’s new oppressive leader, a star-wide receiver who may be able to put an end to the civil war… or become it.

  • Kill a Man

A young James Bellyi witnessed his father’s death as retaliation for an opponent’s remarks. Until he’s outed as gay in his championship shot press conference, he’s one of the most popular mixed martial arts competitors in the world. Bellyi is forced to turn to the last person he ever wants to see again: Xavier Mayne, a gay, once-great fighter in his own right…and the guy James once witnessed kill his father.

Although this new graphic novel hasn’t yet been released (it’s now scheduled for Nov. 25), it’s already drawing attention.

One of the most anticipated comic books of the year to come is this one. We love the concept and Al Morgan’s stark and aggressive (when necessary) artwork.

The Golem’s Mighty Swing

The Golem’s Mighty Swing, one of the first big-time graphic novel hits of the twenty-first century, was James Sturm’s first big-time success as a cartoonist before he wrote his critically acclaimed graphic book Market Day and founded the Center for Cartoon Studies in New York. This obsession with the little-known and often-overlooked history of America has driven Sturm’s comics work for many years. This graphic novel about a Jewish baseball team that played during the Great Depression, reunites baseball’s greatest pastime with the sport’s secret history. With its manager and third baseman at the helm, the nomadic club travels around the country entertaining locals with baseball while playing up its religious exoticism as a curiosity to be gawked at, heckled, and taunted. At times when the team is losing, players are given ideas on how to entice more fans to come out. When they put their trust in a promoter, the Stars of David end up igniting existing racial tensions rather than calming them.

This is a must-read book, not just for sports fans, but for anybody interested in the history of Jewish baseball.


We could have listed a whole list of sports manga but that may take forever. However, these books we’ve listed are some of the best comic books available with great stories which you must read.

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