Best Games For Comics Lovers

Video games are continuing to dominate the gaming world, and the developers are coming with more intriguing games that keep the players stuck to their screens. Some of the gamers like specific games because they relate them to comic books/movies. In other words, some video games have a close relation to the comics, which is why they are continuing to be more popular.

By the way, video games are not only for kids. Even adults play these games. Some studies even show that adults who play video games are happier than those who don’t. But we’re not here to discuss that. Rather, let us focus on the best games for comic lovers.

If you a lover of comics, here are some of the games you’d be sure to love;


Lego Marvel Super Heroes

This one is an obvious pick for the comics lovers since it completely based on the Marvel superheroes. The game has been around for quite some time and it has proven to be as addictive as most video games out there as well. The cleverness of this game sets it above most Lego games. You get to choose the character of your choice to play within the game. The best part is that browsing through the characters is easy breezy.

This Lego game is worth playing, and any comic lover would want to try it.


Batman: Arkham City

This one stands among the Batman Comics games, and it is easily one of the best. The game comes with a huge leap in the gameplay if you compare it to the previous version. Even though the Batman trademark belongs to DC Comics, this comic powerhouse licensed their most famous superhero to Rocksteady Studios.

As a result, you get an amazing game that you can play as Batman fighting crime. We think Batman is the best video game that is based on a comic book. After the release of this game, other games like Sleeping Dogs and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor came into being. What makes it even more intriguing are the multiple Batman villains that appear from time to time along with the game.

So yes, you just can’t miss playing this game.


Counter-Strike Global Offensive

No, you don’t need to wonder or search on Google if CSGO is based on any comic book because it isn’t. While it might not be based on any comic book, this is one game that you would love to try out. It is full of battles, just like comic books.

This game debuted back in 2012, and it has been backed by multiplayer FPS titles such as the first Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source. Today, this game has surpassed most FPS games out there. The core gameplay and every active community make it one of the best games of the current age.

CSGO is very competitive, and anyone would love playing it. Multiple competitions are going on week in, week out in this game, where people compete against each other. Some compete between teams, for prizes of up to $1 million.

Generally, this game highly relies on team-based dynamics, skills, and game sense. The challenges and depth you encounter in this game make it among the toughest competitive FPS games. Besides being the most competitive, CSGO is also one of if not the most rewarding game out there.

You get to buy cases and even trade items. The CSGO skins are among the most common items to trade in the game. For example, is the place to trade skins. Some people buy them at low prices, then sell or hire them later on. Either way, you can enjoy playing the game while making a good amount of money.

Remember that applying strategies, tips and tricks will help you get better at CSGO and even earn a fortune out of it. There are some requirements for playing the game and how you should access it. So, ensure that you follow them accordingly.


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Comics create excellent games that are very much addictive. This game is one that features most of the Marvel superheroes, so you’d most likely enjoy playing this one. The game grows out of the X-Men Legend series, and it is one ambitious game as well. This one comes with more than 140 characters that you can choose when battling other characters.

The characters in this game are unlocked as you continue playing the game. There are so many characters to play, and you won’t be restricted to only one single hero. That is reason enough to play this game.

As a player, you get to pick a team of four characters at the start of each level. You will then get to switch between the four characters that you chose as you advance in that level that you are on. Remember to take advantage of each hero’s special skillset to defeat your enemies on the battlefield.

Exploiting the special skill set of your heroes is the perfect way to advance through the levels in the game. This game is one of the best among comic lovers.



Here is yet another amazing game that might not be based on comic books, but a comic lover would enjoy it. The game comes from Blizzard, and it is developed to be more cartoonish. Also, the game has been made to be friendlier than the regular FPS multiplayer games. Nevertheless, this game is unique in terms of gameplay and characters. You get 29 characters that are divided into four classes of Support, Tank, Offense, and Defense. These characters come with different weapons, special abilities, and equipment.

This game supports a maximum of 12 players. From the 12, six players will defeat the other opposing team. You get to choose among 4 different game modes and 17 maps. The best part is that these maps are all different or unique. You can also access fiction weapons and special abilities, which showcases the creativity of the developers.

If you will be playing any FPS game, like Overwatch or CSGO, you will need to practice more on your aiming skills. Proper aiming helps to enhance your overall point collections. In the long run, it will help you advance further in the game.

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