Best Comic Themed Slot Games

Since classical slots started to branch out to themes, comics were the obvious choice due to their long presence and longevity up until now. Comics, superheroes, and villains are a perfect mix too, as let us admit there is always something coming from the world of Marvel and DC, right? The best thing about comic-themed slots is, you can enjoy your time at an online casino, as there are so many variations and options for you to try and choose from, you will never run out of options. Also, word on the street says that the payout percentages of many of the best comic-themed slot games hold high value, meaning that your wallet will certainly thank these games later on!

 The most popular comic themes are usually the following:

  • Jack Hammer
  • Superman
  • Suicide Squad
  • Justice League
  • Wonder Woman 
  • The Dark Knight 

Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer is a slot game developed by NetEnt, and inspired by a comic book. The slot is loved for its quirky graphics and creative storyline. So, it made complete sense that it would be developed into a slot game in all honesty. The unique slot game will have you exploring all the characters from the storyline, and best of all, the slot game is a video slot, meaning you can try out multiple bonus features to boost your chances of winning some healthy profit when you play.



We have all undoubtedly heard of Superman, whether it is more recent movies with eye candy Henry Cavil, to older 80s and 90s releases, Superman is a popular comic from DC, and is fairly connected with some epic action and storylines, so again it would make complete sense for DC to want to license and allow for a slot game for this. 

Do not forget to look out for the incredible jackpots integrated within the game, as they will allow you to heighten your gaming experience as well as boost any winnings that you may be able to grab for yourself. Superman is always the slot game that tends to be in the favorite sections of an online casino, you would certainly be doing yourself a favor by starting on this slot game!


Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad just recently released a second installment to their series, with a great reception from the fans. When the first film was released, it was a really smart decision to make a slot game for this movie, as hard-core fans would be immediately pulled towards playing it. Suicide Squad is your typical modern American Superhero squad, with plenty of humor, action, and characters that you just favor instantly. Yes, we are talking about Harley Quin. She was so loved by fans globally, that the movie Birds of Prey was made for her. However, overall the Suicide Squad films were a complete favorite internationally. So this DC slot game is another favorite of many in the gambling community of casinos. You would be wise to try it out for yourself and have many hours of entertainment due to Ash Gaming’s clever adaptation of the movie.


Justice League 

Justice League is another DC comic from the 1960s, specifically called The Brave and the Bold. It was not until 2017, that this comic book manifested into a movie, where you were able to see all your favorite characters such as Wonder Woman, Aqua man, Green Lantern, and Superman all together in one adaption. Playtech is a great slot developer to have taken on this comic theme, as they have created many legendary cartoon themed slot machines, and done them justice too. So, if you have not got around to playing this for yourself, you need to make time for it, as it is pretty epic.


Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman is another epic DC character that has happened to take the hearts of all feminists out there. With two movies released to date, Gal Gaddot made an exceptional performance enacting Wonder Woman, envisioning the feminine powerful energy that DC created so very long ago. 

There is something very special about the style of the slot game for this title. It honors the retro-vintage feel of the comics and certainly is very artistically created. Oh, and the special bonus features for this title are super thrilling and exciting-you will not regret checking it out for yourself.


The Dark Knight 

Last but not least, we have The Dark Knight. This is probably an all-time favorite for comic book fans all over the world. You will find that this slot game, in particular, utilizes the power struggle of Gotham, between Batman and villains such as the Joker. You get features of Commissioner Gordon too. Snippets of Cat Woman do appear also, so if you are into her feline femininity, definitely show up and play this for yourself. 

Your gambling experience ahead is certainly going to be an exciting one, with all these suggestions!

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